Kik Review

Kik Review


Active Audience63%
Quality Matches88%
Popular Age25-40
Profiles1 240 000
Reply Rate84%
Ease of Use9.7
FraudVery Rarely



  • Kik Messenger is a modern and stylish application.
  • The design is very user-friendly.
  • The community of members is astonishingly big and widespread all over the globe.
  • The app is free to download, and one can use all of the features without paying money.


  • Kik Messenger is not safe for individuals under 18 due to frequent exposure to explicit content.
  • Multiple cases of bullying and predators’ attacks are reported.
  • There is a lot of advertisements and pornography propagation.
  • Poor customer service can spoil your mood and motivation to use the app.
  • The app has bugs and glitches.

If you look for some quality dating sites, you may come across numerous hookup platforms, chat rooms, and messengers. Some of them will have a large number of members, and some of them will not. Some parts will be full of scammers, while the other will have thorough and tedious verification processes. The majority of them will require you to pay, but you will also find those free to use. All of them will have both advantages and disadvantages, with different purposes and matching algorithms. Kik Messenger is one of such platforms. This article will provide a close overview of all critical aspects one needs to be aware of before registering. The review is designed to help you decide whether it is a good, reliable, and safe place to join.

The story of Kik begins at the University of Waterloo in 2009. A group of students did not like the idea that users of different operating systems like Android or iOS could not communicate. Because of this reason, they decided to develop an app that would break that barrier. Initially, the messenger was planned to be a teenager community that would connect people across the world. The students received financial support from such organizations as Foundation Capital, Spark Capital, Tencent, and many others. Kik Messenger continues existing to date, and its team grew from a group of friends into a strong company.

Kik Review


The Kik website serves to present the mobile application and cannot be used as a communication means. In other words, you cannot register on the web version and utilize it for sending messages to your friends. There is no such option. To get access to all functions and services, you will have to download and install the app on your mobile or tablet device. Kik can be installed onto iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices. Nevertheless, despite its high availability for users, many members complain about glitches and bugs with the app. Some report impossibility to log in or join a community, messaging errors, problems with uploading photos, and many more.

However, the website contains some information that you may find useful. As such, the main page gives you links from which you can download the app. Moreover, from here, you can access other important sections like Kik “Features,” “About,” “News,” “Contact,” “Help Center,” etc. There are also links to such pages as Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, partnering conditions for brands, developers, and others. Thus, one can say the fact that they developed an informative website for their app is a good point.


Kik users’ profiles do not contain much information about the individuals. So if you are searching for dating sites that will immediately show users’ preferences and true gender identification, Kik is the wrong place for you. You cannot know whether an individual is a trans or not, whether they support LGBTQ or not, whether they will be interested in you or not. Therefore, you can only guess and hope for the best. Nevertheless, the platform is a big community with a great population, so you have all chances to find like-minded people.

Kik Review

The platform is a community that hosts thousands of people. Most of them are in search of hot sexting and nude pictures sharing. However, you can meet individuals who want to find romantic relationships or some pleasant communication on general topics. Because Kik is an easy to register app, there are a lot of bots and fake profiles, and you should be aware of this before deciding to sign up.


When you load the app, the first page will suggest you to either register or sign in. Choose the first variant if you are new to Kik. After tapping “Register,” you will be redirected to another page with the next step. Here you will need to submit such information as how old you are, where you live, and what your sex is. A unique username is also necessary. Once you complete the form, you will be ready to get started.


You get filling out your profile once you pass the registration process. You will need to set up your age, location, and gender. You can choose only between two genders, male and female. The gender in which you are interested will need specifications, too. You can choose men, women, or both. There is also a small field where you can write what you are looking for on Kik, like relationships, casual dating, conversations, pen-pals, etc.

Next, the app will ask you whether you want the app to upload your phone’s contacts to the system, so you can start messaging with them right away. If you agree, you will need to allow access to the app to your contacts. Kik will create a list of your friends and relatives who also use the platform. If someone from your contacts does not have the app, you can send them an invitation. Basically, after this, the profile set-up is complete.

How to Logout of the System?

You can log out by clicking the respective “Log Out” button in your Account Settings. You should be aware of the fact that if you do this, you will not receive notifications about new messages and friends’ activities unless you log in again. However, logging out may be useful if you want to save your battery because Kik consumes a lot of battery energy.

How Long Should You Wait to Verify Your Account?

Like many dating sites, Kik is not an exception when it comes to verification. You can use the app’s features right after you complete the registration form. If you want to have email verification, you will need to wait for about one to two minutes for the confirmation letter to come. Thus, you will not wait long for your account activation.

How Does One Delete His or Her Account?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of services in Kik, you can opt to delete your profile from the platform. To do this, you need to go to the Account Settings, choose “Delete Account” and hit the button. After you confirm the deletion, your data will be removed from the app.

How to Increase Reputation and Popularity of Your Profile?

Many people want to make their profiles stand out, so more and more users could know about them. Kik does not offer paid account promotion, as the app is completely free. Thus, the only way you can increase the popularity of your profile is through sharing your page in your social media accounts. To do this, click on your username and find the “share” icon.

Are There Any Age Limits Regarding Your Profile’s Availability on Kik?

As the Kik review evidences, no age limits are possible here. All individuals who are able to utilize a phone or a tablet, approximately from 5 years and older, can visit your profile and see who you have there. This works for both sides. If you want to limit access to your profile from an older audience, you will not be able to do this. Therefore, you should be careful with what you share in your profile.

How Does One Change Their Old Name on Kik?

Changing your username is a simple procedure on this platform. All you need to do is to open the Account settings and choose “Name.” You will see a field with your name that can be rewritten to another one. The only condition is that your new name should be unique.

One cannot remove their profile from the database search as it contradicts the policy of the platform. However, if you do not want a particular person to see your profile or be able to find you, you can block them easily. If you block a user, he or she will not be able to find you in the search system. Click the “Block” button in the top right corner in a person’s profile.

How to Upload a New Photo to Your Profile on Kik?

To add a new picture to your profile, go to Settings and tap “Set Photo.” You can choose between taking an immediate picture and uploading a photo from the existing ones. You can change your profile picture as many times as you want. However, it is recommended to choose a clear portrait selfie so any member can understand with whom they chat.


Many dating sites offer unique features that provide their members with interesting and unforgettable experiences and make their time-spending smooth and comfortable. However, these features differ from site to site, from app to app. Below you will find the description of each service that makes Kik stand out.

Kin 2.0. Kin is a special digital currency that you can earn and spend in the network of Kin apps. In July 2020, Kik announced becoming a part of the Kin ecosystem, which means you will be able to earn Kins with the help of Kik. As such, you will receive the currency for watching advertising videos, play small games, and many more. You will be able to spend the earned amount of digital money in the Kin Marketplace.

Chat themes. Another useful feature is the possibility to change chat themes like in WhatsApp. The developers provide a substantial base of various themes organized according to topics, seasons of the year, moods, colors, interests, and so forth. All of them are free to download, and you do not have to spend additional money to enhance your chats. It makes chatting more pleasant, which motivates a person to use the app again and again. Anyone will prefer a customized chat theme to a dull and boring standard one.

Kik Review

Video stickers. Stickers are not new in the chat market. However, they were primarily static pictures till recent times. All modern messengers have video stickers, the pictures that move like GIFs. The Kik developers decided not to fall behind and use this feature in their messenger. Nowadays, any user can add special video sticker packs and enjoy utilizing them during conversation. Thus, the mood in your chat rooms will be rendered in a better way, and your opponents will understand you even more. In the times of the modern digital world, it is especially useful.

Bots. Kik offers bot services, so there are numerous bots on the platform with which you can chat. The bots are targeted at various audiences with different interests and preferences. If your friends are offline, or you simply want to take a break from communication with them, you can opt to address the bots. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can choose certain bots and have a conversation with them, play quizzes, and learn a lot of new information. Moreover, you can add the bots to your group chats to make your conversations livelier.

Kik codes. ID-codes become more and more popular in the social media networks sphere. Kik follows the idea and gives all its users a unique Kik-code. This way, if you want to add a new friend on Kik, you will not have to type in their username in the search field. Now all you need to do is to open the search page and choose “Scan a Kik Code.” A friend will be added immediately.

The voice messaging and video calling add-ons. Not all dating sites offer this feature to their users. Kik developed special add-ons that allow the members to send voice messages and perform video-calls. Thus, together with the possibilities to share pictures and videos in private and group chats, Kik provides its users with all the necessary features for quality communication.


The quality of any platform often depends on the limitation of free subscription. Numerous dating portals offer useful features only when you pay them money. This is not the case with Kik. All services on this platform are available for free. Therefore, premium membership and VIP users do not exist here. All are equal. It seems the developers monetize the app via advertisements that pop up from time to time.


One may worry about their privacy when they decide to use the Kik messenger. If you visit the website of the platform, you will easily access their Privacy Policy with a detailed description of each condition under which your private data may be disclosed to third parties. You can also familiarize yourself with these conditions with your app in the Settings section.

Does Kik Provide Chat Encryption?

According to Kik’s explanation, the messages are not encrypted, but the developers swear that the texts are immediately deleted from their servers right after delivery to a user. However, it is quite possible that they can read them. Therefore, one cannot be sure their conversation history is safe.

Does Kik Have Rights to Track You Down?

The app claims you will not be tracked down. Nevertheless, in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, they describe cases when this may happen. As such, this may be an order request or court decision, etc. One can say that these are basic rules that most dating sites demand to follow.

Who Is It Possible to Write to if There Are Questions About Your Privacy in Kik?

According to multiple feedbacks from real users, there are numerous issues you could possibly complain about. Anyone who wants to submit any complaint, request, or suggestion should email to or address to MediaLab, Inc., 1237 7th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. You can choose the most suitable method for you. However, as the practice shows, it is highly likely you will be ignored.

Can One Delete the Info Submitted to Kik?

You may delete your account at any moment. If you feel like you do not want to continue being a part of the community, you can deactivate your profile. This way, your data will be removed from the Kik’s database.


The majority of people believe that real-life reviews are the best way to learn about a thing, service, or phenomenon. Some would tell that the reviews might have been purchased by competitors to worsen the reputation of the app. However, if it had been done, there would have been not so many of them. Kik “boasts” of a multitude of negative feedback. Below you will find brief summaries of some Kik reviews from real users and their parents.

First of all, it should be noted that, according to numerous reviews, Kik is a popular place among pedophiles that like to seduce children, prompt them to send explicit pictures, tell sexual stories, and engage them in sex. They hunt down their prey, pursue kids and demonstrate obsessive and dangerous behavior. All these conditions do not contribute to teenagers’ mental health and can lead to incurable damages. Next, there are bots and fake profiles that message kids and bulks and encourage them to visit hookup websites, pornography portals, explicit games, confession apps, and the like. The young age group is especially vulnerable to pornography influence and is often heavily impacted due to Kik and other similar platforms. And the last, teenagers often use the app to bully their peers for their appearance, abilities, etc., which contributes to suicidal behavior. Thus, one cannot say Kik is a safe community.


Kik is a popular platform with a strong advertising program that aims at the promotion of the app worldwide. The company’s owners developed an informative and stylish website that contains a lot of useful information about Kik. This all creates an impression of a serious organization that offers high-quality services. Indeed, the portal provides you with interesting and convenient features that are likely to contribute to your good time spending. The company seems to continuously enhance its services and give its members new opportunities every time.

Attractive video sticker packs may boost any conversation and brighten anyone’s mood. Kik-codes are a smart way to save time and add friends momentarily. Voice and video messages are irreplaceable in the modern world. Bots, the digital currency, and other services contribute to the good reputation of Kik.

However, there is the other side of the coin. If to compare Kik with other dating sites, this portal clearly loses. If you or your children belong to the LGBTQ community, you will probably have difficulties finding like-minded people quickly. The platform does not provide diverse gender demarcation and offers you to choose only between female and male sex.

Moreover, an extreme number of complaints about the quality of customer support impact the app’s reputation negatively. What is even worse is that the mobile application demonstrates bugs and glitches that hinder the usage. Due to some errors in the work of application, people get irritated and unmotivated to log in and chat in Kik. More and more unsatisfied users prefer other messengers, and their number continues to grow daily.

Finally, this portal is full of pornography propagation, which is extremely harmful for individuals under 18. Predators hunt innocent children, make them share their nude pictures, and induce them to have illegal sexual encounters. Cases of bullying and suicide encouragement are also reported from time to time. Overall, Kik is not the best choice among dating sites.

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