Chat Avenue Review

Chat Avenue Review


Active Audience91%
Quality Matches92%
Popular Age25-45
Profiles2 980 900
Reply Rate80%
Ease of Use6.8
FraudVery Rarely



  • There are multiple chat rooms organize according to various topics, interests, and preferences.
  • Some rooms allow you to chat via video calls or voice messages.
  • You can use Chat Avenue for free since all basic functions do not require you to pay.
  • The access is easy and takes little time.
  • Chat Avenue has a blog with useful information, hints, and guides.


  • Chat Avenue has a bad reputation among users.
  • The platform’s moderators constantly fail to perform their duties.
  • It is a perfect place for pedophiles and the like, so this is dangerous for people under 18.
  • There is a high risk of encountering people who pretend to be not who they are.
  • The design is old-fashioned and does not stick to modern trends.
  • There are chat forums, but they are not active.

When one wonders which of the various dating sites to choose, they usually start with the purpose’s determination. The goal can be casual dating, building romantic or serious relationships aimed at marriage, or simple and friendly communication. Some individuals just seek like-minded individuals who will support them emotionally. If the latter is the case, such websites like Chat Avenue might come in handy.

Chat Avenue is a chatting platform where about 20 chat rooms are placed. They are organized according to topics and preferences. There are chats for adults, kids, and teenagers. The creators aimed at developing a comfy, friendly, and supportive society for anyone to have fun. Thus, they prohibited any adult, explicit or tough content on Chat Avenue.

So, how does it work? This platform is considered to be international and used worldwide. However, as the website’s main page claims, it is advised to type in English to avoid any misunderstanding. Thus, English is the main language here. Chat Avenue offers 19 main chat rooms, such as Adult chat, Gay chat, Lesbian chat, Sex chat, College chat, and many others.

Owned by ChatAveCom, the platform was launched back in 1999 and had been developing since then. Such a long existence makes the website one of the oldest chat communities. The platform was one of the first such websites and popular at those times. Due to more than 20 years of work, Chat Avenue adopted various features and knows what a regular user wants. At least, this is how it is supposed to be. But does the practice prove it? Is it really so? This article is written specifically to answer these questions. Keep reading if you want to know the truth.

Chat Avenue Review


The website is available from all countries that do not restrict access to such types of dating sites. However, the biggest share of the members is from the USA. It is quite easy to navigate. Every page on the website is informative and contains many useful data, such as tips, rules, explanations, links to other sources, etc. At first, you get a bit disoriented with the abundance of information, but soon you understand its usefulness. However, it is worth noting that Chat Avenue’s design is somewhat old-fashioned and does not conform to modern trends. There is a lack of smoothness, consistency, agreement of colors and styles, and the fonts and tints are not congruent. This factor significantly reduces positive impressions about the platform.

Regarding the mobile application, it was launched in March 2020 and is available only for Android users. It is free to download on Google Play and compatible with almost all Android devices. According to the Chat Avenue’s blog, it does not differ in functionality from the desktop version. Thus, it is a complete analog that is developed for mobile usage.


There are three types of profiles. There are profiles of real users, guest profiles, and bots’ profiles. When you click on a real user’s name, you will see their profile’s description. It contains little information, such as gender, age, verification status, country, and the date when an individual was registered. You will also see what language they speak, and a list of their friends will be provided. Most of the users have a profile picture, which is not necessarily their real photo. It may be just a picture they like. Each user fills out this information and chooses an avatar when registering.

You will also often encounter guest profiles on Chat Avenue that do not contain much information but for gender and country. Most of them do not have pictures as well. These are usually individuals who either want to keep their identity anonymous or check the platform before registering.

As for bots, you will understand that this is not a real user by clicking on their username and choosing the “Profile” button. Here, there will be a little maker atop of the picture identifying that this is a bot. It should be noted that most of the users are either verified members or guests. However, there is a clear difference in people to bots ratios in different rooms. As such, there are more bots in adult chats than in general rooms.

Chat Avenue Review

Most of the chat rooms are always active due to a high number of people on Chat Avenue. There are some less-crowded rooms like, for example, the Music chat room where no one discusses music but sex, but the majority of the rooms have hundreds of users. Therefore, if you are looking for dating sites and wonder whether you will meet like-minded individuals here, you may be sure that this is the right place. The majority of the users seek sex here, and the communication will contain a lot of explicit information, despite the prohibition from the developers’ side. Nevertheless, one will also find interesting people to talk to and maybe make some friends.


If you decide that you want to become a verified member of this platform, you will have to fill a short registration form. You will need to create a unique username that will either reflect your purpose on the website or identify you somehow. Next, you will have to invent a reliable password and remember it for later use. The next step will be to type in your email address to which your verification link will be sent. After this, you will need to choose your gender and age. The final stage will be proving that you are not a robot. Once you are done, you will need to click the “Register” button, and this is it. You are in.

Chat Avenue Review


As was already mentioned, the information you can provide in your profile is rather limited. As such, you can choose female, male, or “other” gender and age from 13 to 99. You can choose your country from the respective list. Moreover, there is a blank in the form that allows you to write a few words about yourself. Most of the members use it to give you a hint of what they are looking for on Chat Avenue.

How Can One Log Out From The Platform?

Logging out does not take a lot of effort. If you want to log out from the Chat Avenue website, find a small silhouette icon in the top right corner. Click on it, and you will see two options: Profile and Log Out. Choose the second one if you want to quit.

How Long Does One Have To Wait For The Account Activation?

In contrast to other multiple dating sites, this platform will not require you to wait for an eternity to get your account activated. You will have access to all chat rooms right after you sign up for the website, either as a guest or a verified user. You will need only to create a username if you are a guest or fill out a short form to become a verified member.

How to Delete Your Account On The Website?

From time to time, people refuse to continue visiting Chat Avenue and want to delete their profiles. To remove your account from the database, choose “Profile’ from the silhouette icon, then choose “More” and hit “Delete account. Your personal information will be deleted.

How To Grow The Popularity Of Your Profile?

There are no specific features to make your profile stand out. Nevertheless, if you are active, polite, and kind to other users, more and more users will be noticing you sooner or later. A full and interesting profile will also contribute to the task.

Are There Any Age Limits On Who Have Access To Your Profile?

No, you cannot limit the access to your profile. Any verified or gust user can see what your page contains. However, Chat Avenue’s age limit is 13, which means users should be at least 13 years old to join the platform.

Is It Possible To Change Your Username On Chat Avenue?

It often happens that an individual chooses a nickname and then want to change it over time. On Chat Avenue, you can change your username, but only if you have a VIP membership. Therefore, if you are not going to pay money to the website, think of a good username in advance.

Can You Hide Your Profile On Chat Avenue?

It is not possible to hide anyone’s profile on this platform. If you decide not to visit this website anymore, you can always delete your account. If you want to communicate with people here, you will need to know your profile is seen to everyone.

How Can One Change Their Main Photo On Chat Avenue?

If you get bored with your current avatar, you can always change it. Changing your picture is a simple process. You need to go to Profile Settings and click on the picture. There will be a pop-up window where you can upload another photo. After you hit “Save,” the changes will be applied immediately.


Though one may tell Chat Avenue does not offer special features, yet it does. They may be not unique among transsexual dating websites, but these services are worth attention. Below you will find a brief overview of the main ones.

  1. Chat rooms are arranged according to topics. The website offers you about 20 chat rooms to your taste. If you are transgender and want to get in touch with other people who are also transgender or prefer dating your gender, you may choose a room and introduce yourself. There are rooms like a gay chat, a lesbian chat, a girls’ chat, a boys’ chat, an adult chat, a teen chat, etc. All you need to do is to decide to which group you belong and enter a respective room. There are hundreds of people communicating every second, so there is not a chance that you fail to find like-minded users.
  2. Voice messages are possible on Chat Avenue. In some chat rooms, like the adult chat room or the webcam room, and others, there is a possibility to send and receive voice messages. This feature is for those individuals who prefer livelier communication and want to hear their opponents’ voices. It is a useful option, since the text does not always convey the mood of a speaker.
  3. Webcam rooms are available. There are a few rooms that you can join with your camera activated and see other people live. At first glance, it works as a regular sex chat, but after a few moments, you understand that there are additional options. You will see the camera and microphone icons that mark people ready to have live interaction or are already performing. You can join someone’s performance or starts yours.
  4. The platform collaborates with webcam models. If you like watching girls, boys, shemales, couples, and other individuals expose themselves in from of their cameras, you will like this function. Chat Avenue provides many links to other related websites where you can dive into various hot experiences. Moreover, numerous bots send the same links via private messages, so you will never miss them.


One can say that Chat Avenue is mostly free. You can write in chats and private messages, view other profiles, and add people to friends without paying money. Nevertheless, the platform offers paid services as well. These options are available to users with a VIP membership. The paid membership is not present in all chat rooms and is divided into three groups.

As such, VIP services in adult and gay chats will cost you 5 USD for one month, 10 USD for three months, 20 USD for a year, and 25 USD for a lifetime usage. Next, if you want to explore VIP options in dating, singles, and lesbian chat rooms, the costs will be the same for one and three months. But 12-months and lifetime memberships are cheaper, 15 USD and 20 USD respectively. Finally, the live chat room VIP functions will cost you 3 USD for a month, 5 USD for three months, 10 USD for a year, and 15 USD for a life.

As you can see, the prices are affordable. The VIP membership opens new opportunities for you. For example, you will be able to create your own rooms, send YouTube links in chats, and many more.


Chat Avenue has regular Privacy Policy conditions, and you can read the rules before joining the platform. The developers provide clear explanations on age restrictions in specific rooms. As such, the kids’ room is for individuals between 13 and 19 only. To enter an adult room, one may be at least 18 years old. If you have any questions regarding the rules and restrictions, you can contact the developers via a special contact form or write them to their email.

Is There Any Encryption Of Chat Avenue Chats?

Yes, there is. According to Chat Avenue’s Privacy Policy, all your data are encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. And only a few authorities will have access to it if needed. These situations may be certain cases of emergency or court requests.

Can Chat Avenue Identify Your Personality and Track You Down?

As in the case with many dating sites, this chatting platform analyzes your IP address, MAC address, or email address. They do this for safety reasons, since the website evidences numerous cases when it is necessary. For example, it happens when child pornography is distributed.

Who should You Write To If Any Issues With Privacy In Chat Avenue?

If there is an immediate case that requires attention, you will need to contact the moderators of a particular chat room. At least, this is how it is supposed to be. Users report that the administration is often ignoring their complaints. You can also contact the authorities by completing a special feedback form for comments and suggestions or writing them a message to

Is It Possible To Remove The Data That You Have Already Provided To Chat Avenue?

Yes, you can easily change the information in your profile in the respective settings field. However, your IP address, MAC address, or email address will remain in the database unless you completely delete your account. All conditions about personal data protection can be found in the Privacy Policy on the website.


As this Chat Avenue review shows, more than half of the users complain about bad attitudes towards them from the administration’s side. According to their reviews, moderators and administrators behave rudely and do not pay attention to why they ban people. They seem to just randomly choose and ban individuals. Moreover, numerous reports evidence their poor moderation performance. As such, they fail to identify and prevent pedophiles from seducing kids under 18. To be more precise, two famous cases ended up happily for teenagers but sadly for pedophiles.

The first case is connected with Edward Rozmiarek, the former Swampscott High Principal. He sought 13-years old girls and convinced them to share nude pictures with him and engage in intimate explicit conversations. Luckily, one such girl appeared to be a policeman undercover. The policeman managed to gather enough proof to prevent Rozmiarek, named “Agreatguy” on Chat Avenue, from illegal actions.

The next case relates to Barry Lees from Bedford. He was sentenced to two years in prison due to his decisions. The man pursued girls of young age, and asked them to send him pictures with explicit content, fully aware of their age. Fortunately, two policemen under cover encountered him on the platform and managed to evidence his indecent practice. When they detected his address and went to his house, they found a great amount of child pornography, which led to his imprisonment.

And there are even more cases that were not highlighted in media. Thus, one can hardly call Chat Avenue a safe place and a reliable community. This is especially true for young teenagers. The real-life Chat Avenue reviews do not contribute to the good reputation of the website.


Overall, the disadvantages outnumber the advantages of this website. Though Chat Avenue’s founders claim it to be a general website with a 13+ age audience, it is not a safe place for children and teens. Parents are recommended to be careful and limit their kids’ visits to such websites. This platform may be considered suitable for adult people only, and they must be ready for nude pictures. Indeed, both the website and the app are actively used by hundreds and even thousands of people. And yet it is a dangerous community that does not protect the youth from explicit content.

Moreover, a lot of people complain about the poor work of the chat rooms moderators. Nevertheless, the prices for VIP services are low, and one can use the platform for free. There are not specific trans’ chats, but the great number of people proves that there are individuals of all genders. Thus, though Chat Avenue cannot be called one of the best dating sites, there are high chances of meeting like-minded transgender people.

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