OurTime Review

OurTime Review
Date with older guy16%
Reply rate84%
Popular age45-65
Visit rate8.9
FraudVery Rarely



  • Newcomers face no pitfalls while completing the registration – this process is entirely simple and straightforward.
  • The OurTime website offers subscribers a broad scope of profile fields to fill in. Meantime, most fields are optional; hence, the platform doesn’t force newcomers to determine much personal information.
  • As for design, aged users of the service are enjoyed by smooth, calm tones that evoke no irritation.
  • On the one hand, the number of available features is quite large, while on the other hand, there are no odd options to confuse senior citizens. The functionality is well-planned.
  • Both web version and mobile applications are available for subscribers.


  • Top-quality options are paid; hence, standard members feel themselves somehow restricted.
  • Scammers are frequent guests of the service because of the lack of a robust verification system.
  • Users living outside the United States and Canada may hardly meet nearby people who correspond to their preferences.

Online dating services increase chances to meet a perfect match, especially for aged people facing problems with meeting someone in real life. OurTime platform is an ideal choice for them. Such a website doesn’t belong to the category of transsexual dating sites, as most subscribers are straight and support conservative values. The platform is among the top-visited dating services globally, and its audience continues to expand.

OurTime Review


According to OurTime reviews, the website is more popular than mobile applications. Such a tendency is explained by the statistics that show aged people prefer web versions to mobile apps.

The platform’s website is entirely straightforward, and newcomers get instant access to all necessary features. The upper menu contains main options, including inbox messages, search filters, events, and profile settings. The left-hand menu extends users’ opportunities, offering several sub-options within each feature.

As for mobile applications, apps are suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The iOS-oriented application is achievable for all devices run by the 13.0 version or later. Users need to have 77.6 MB of free space to download the app. Subscribers rate it at 3.8 stars. While talking about Android devices, users should have at least the 5.0 version of the Android system and 10.7 MB of free space. Meantime, users rate the Android-based app at 2.8 stars.

Mobile applications have the same features onboard as the web version does. Hence, subscribers get perfect opportunities always to stay online.


According to statistics, the platform hosts more than 10 million subscribers globally, but this service is considered as a platform for the U.S. and Canadian users because these locations dominate the geographical distribution. 93.56% of all registered members are from the USA, and 5.02% more subscribers represent Canada. The top-5 also includes Sweden (0.71% of users), the United Kingdom (0.31%), and the Netherlands (0.19%). That means other countries are represented by 0.24% of subscribers (about 24 000 users), and that is hard to meet nearby people outside the indicated top-5 countries.

An OurTime review shows that 55% of subscribers are female users. The platform invites 50+ people; meanwhile, dating goals may be different: long-term relationships or just friendship. A broad scope of filters helps meet like-minded people who are ready to share your interests.

While talking about scammers, their amount is large enough; meanwhile, the team moderates registered profiles to delete fake ones. Nevertheless, users are highly recommended to communicate with premium members.

OurTime Review


Newcomers should follow the next simple steps to open an account on the OurTime website:

  1. Visit the platform’s official website or download appropriate apps to your mobile devices.
  2. Determine your preferences (looking for a man or looking for a woman) and specify your gender (man and women options are available only).
  3. Indicate your date of birth (50+ people are allowed to open an account).
  4. Enter your location (city).
  5. Type your first name.
  6. Fill in your email address and create a password.
  7. Accept the platform’s requirements and complete your registration.

These steps are enough to open an account and enjoy mature dating. Other profile fields are optional, and new entries may add more information if they wish.


OurTime Review

While completing the registration, newcomers have to fill in some fields; meantime, OurTime reviews highlight some more available areas. Users’ profiles contain the following fields:

  • “About” information. This field contains information about your interests, hobbies, lifestyle, cultural values, etc. Tell other subscribers about your marital status, religion, political affiliation, income, smoking and drinking habits, etc. Note that all fields are optional.
  • Description. Such a section is the most important because a user doesn’t answer some standard questions but invent a description, highlighting biography facts they consider the most meaningful.
  • Status. Profile statuses are essential as well, as subscribers need to catch other users’ attention at first sight. Make your status creative and informative.
  • Photos. An OurTime profile contains images; therefore, users should upload several pictures to illustrate them from the best side.

Remember that you can edit any information you’ve added. Furthermore, subscribers are free to delete their photos and upload some new pictures.

How Can a User Quit a Dating Session?

How Can a User Quit a Dating Session?

Like many other dating services, the OurTime website is a platform to spend your free time; hence, users may log out anytime they wish. The simplest way to make a pause lies in closing the website or a mobile app, but some users have more than one account. Furthermore, the online dating sector grows rapidly, which is a widespread situation when parents enter accounts from their children’s devices. Enter settings and click on the “logout” option to exit your profile. Note that such an option will force you to enter login and password again while trying to open your account.

Which Measures Are Necessary to Activate an Account?

Which Measures Are Necessary to Activate an Account?

OurTime is among the most convenient dating services from the viewpoint of getting an account. When your registration is completed, the system sends a confirmation link to the indicated email address, and a newcomer needs to confirm the registration. Such a verification option saves users’ time on the one hand, while on the other hand, that is not effective protection against scammers; therefore, subscribers highlight fake accounts among the essential cons of the service.

Steps to Delete an Account

According to OurTime reviews, the platform is quite useful for mature singles; meanwhile, there appear some reasons to delete an account:

  • A person has found some other dating platforms which turned out more useful (that mostly concerns people living outside North America).
  • A user has already met a significant other on the platform; hence, an account becomes useless.

Subscribers may easily cancel their membership through the following steps:

  1. Enter your account settings by clicking on the icon placed in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select the “My Account” option.
  3. Open the option “View Account Status.”
  4. Choose the “More Account Status Change” option.
  5. Follow the given link to remove your profile.

Note that the platform conserves no personal information; hence, this step is a point of no return. The system will delete all your profile information, photos, messaging history, and other data; therefore, a user should think well before activating the removal link.

Are Users Able to Top up Their Profiles?

While talking about users’ attention, there are multiple recommendations of experts to kindle someone’s interest. Sometimes those tips are practical, sometimes – not, but some users wish to top up their accounts. The OurTime website offers such an option among other premium features. According to the team’s stats, the promotion gives subscribers 50x more views of their profiles and 10x more received messages. Furthermore, the interface is convenient and straightforward; hence, users may find the necessary option in several seconds.

Open the home page being logged in the system, and click on the “Promote Me” option in the right-hand menu column. Note that this feature is not included in premium packages. Tokens are necessary for topping an account up.

Are There Any Age Limits for Users Who Get Accounts on OurTime?

Foremost, users should know that all dating platforms need to correspond to legislative norms of countries they are registered in; hence, people under 18 cannot open accounts there. While talking about the OurTime website and mobile applications, additional restrictions exist. The service is for mature dating, and people over 50 are welcome to join the platform. When a newcomer specified their birth date, the system will not complete the registration if the age is lower than 50.

Can Subscribers Change Their Screen Names on OurTime?

The registration process requires newcomers to create their usernames instead of giving their real names. Screen names may reflect your interests and highlight some peculiarities (location, date of birth, etc.). Meanwhile, a person cannot edit a username after completing the registration process. The same concerns your age and gender; therefore, new entries should think well before completing the registration.

Is There an Incognito Mode on OurTime?

The popularity of dating services increases rapidly; meantime, many users still prefer to browse those platforms through an incognito mode. There is an option of an account hiding on the platform, and every user may activate such an opportunity, no matter what your subscription status is. The following steps are required:

  1. Open your profile settings.
  2. Click on “My Account.”
  3. Move to “View Account Status.”
  4. Press on “More Account Status Changes.”
  5. Select “Hide My Profile.”

This option allows users to hide their photos, profile information from other members. Any time subscribers can unhide their profiles to make them visible for other members again.

Can Users Change Their Profile Pictures on OurTime?

OurTime Review

While signing up for the service, subscribers need to upload at least one photo; meanwhile, the platform makes it possible to add more pictures to a profile, illustrating your personality from the best side. Members are free to delete their photos and choose which image should serve as a profile’s photo.


Despite the fact the platform is for mature dating, and its interface needs to be straightforward, OurTime reviews highlight some exclusive features:

  1. Virtual gifts. Gifts are integral parts of relationships, but what should a person do when there is no ability to send a gift? Virtual gifts are perfect for surprising your significant other. This group contains different items, from bouquets to jewelry.
  2. ConnectMe feature. Most dating services empower subscribers to send textual messages to each other; meanwhile, people suffer from a lack of real-world communication. One can say there are phones, but you don’t want to show your real contacts to virtual friends, especially when you know each other for a couple of days. This platform has a perfect “ConnectMe” option that gives subscribers virtual phone numbers; hence, users get the ability to make both audio and video calls.
  3. ProfilePro service. Sometimes, your profile’s quality may determine how successful you would be among other members; therefore, you need to be equally creative and informative. When there are some problems with a profile completing, order the ProfilePro service, and experienced professionals will effectively accomplish this task.
  4. Events. The platform hosts annual real-life meet-ups for senior citizens, and subscribers may take part in those events. An average OurTime review underlines these events help mature people share interests, make new friends, and refill their lives with pleasant moments.

As for other features, the service is genuinely convenient for 50+ users, as a person may find all necessary options in one-two clicks. Furthermore, the platform uses the matching-roulette principle to save members’ time.


OurTime Review

When you’ve completed the registration on the OurTime platform, you get a standard account that empowers users with the following options:

  1. Complete your profile fields and upload photos.
  2. Activate basic matchmaking algorithms to narrow your choice.
  3. View members’ profiles and full-size images.
  4. Send flirt requests.
  5. Customize your profile settings to make the service as much convenient as possible.
  6. Hide your profile whenever you want.

Hence, the list of free services on the OurTime website is diverse enough, but the messaging option requires a premium subscription. The upgraded membership empowers users to make audio and video calls, view who’s flirted with them, get access to matches, etc. There are two premium packages: standard and value premium subscription. The difference lies in the fact the value subscription includes profile and message highlight options. Prices for the subscription plans are the following:

Premium packagePrice for one monthTotal cost
1-month standard premium$34.96$34.96
6-months standard premium$15.96$95.76
6-months value premium$19.96$119.76

These prices are average in comparison with other dating platforms for senior citizens. Aside from premium packages, there are tokens to spend on virtual gifts and “Promote Me” option. The following packages are available:

PackagePrice per one tokenTotal cost
55 tokens$0.05$2.99
110 tokens$0.05$5.99
280 tokens$0.04$9.99

Subscribers may use their banking cards, PayPal wallets, or mobile phones to purchase premium options. Note that OurTime includes the automatic renewal; hence, you need to cancel the premium subscription through account settings to stop the system from charging money.


Members need to be convinced of their privacy while signing up for a dating service. This platform corresponds to the highest standards from this viewpoint. Newcomers don’t provide their real names and exact location within the registration process (screen names and city are enough to enter the website). Furthermore, most profile fields are optional, and users decide whether to provide the information or not.

Does OurTime Encrypt Messages?

According to the service team, this dating platform contains your messaging history encrypted on its own servers. Meantime, moderators get access to messages in order to protect users from offensive and abusive content. The team deletes messages that violate rules and bans profiles these messages were sent from.

Can OurTime Find Out Your Exact Location?

The service protects subscribers’ anonymity and privacy; therefore, users may determine their city or town while opening an account on the platform. The system doesn’t use GPS to find out your exact location; hence, there is no chance a platform can track members down. For instance, when your location is “New York City”, it is impossible to find your exact location in a city with more than 8 million inhabitants.

On the other hand, according to the current legislature, dating services have to provide policy and other official law-enforcement agencies with access to users’ data in case of serious grounds (murders, terrorism, etc.). These cases are exceptional and frequently never happen.

There Are Still Questions Concerning Your Privacy on OurTime? Contacts to Ask Questions

  • Foremost, a user needs to look through the platform’s “Privacy Policy” to understand the way such a service works. If there are still some questions, use the following contacts:
  • Call the support team from Monday to Saturday: (800) 952-5210;
  • Visit the U.S. office: 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N112 Sacramento;
  • Send your messages through a form given on the website.

Can Users Delete the Information Given on OurTime?

The answer depends on which information it is about. While talking about profile data (“About Me” fields, status, description, etc.), a subscriber can edit that information at any time. Furthermore, there are no limits for making changes. Users may also delete the given information if those fields are optional. The same concerns uploaded photos.

While mentioning email addresses and passwords, users are free to change them through account settings, but OurTime reviews point out some information cannot be changed (usernames, gender, and age). Newcomers should give their correct information while opening an account on the platform. Users may contact the customer support to change the indicated field, but that should be a significant reason; otherwise, the team would think your profile belongs to scammers.

When your screen name, age, or gender are wrong (due to a mistake, for instance), the best way to correct that lies in deleting a profile and then opening a new one. Note that you cannot use someone other’s profile.


My life path turned out the way I’d divorced in 56, and it seemed to be my inner world had ruined instantly. That was pretty hard to get used to living without a wife, but my younger friend recommended me to open an account on a dating platform. Frankly speaking, it sounded ridiculous to me. Well, dating platforms are for teenagers, aren’t they? How wrong was I! The OurTime website crossed my path with Suzie, who is a fan of traveling and new experiments. Boom… We have been living in Japan for two years together, and every new day is an exciting adventure. My life is happy again; thanks for this excellent dating site!

OurTime Review


The sociologists point out it becomes harder to meet your perfect match in real-life, and online dating services are gaining popularity. As for mature people, online platforms are even more useful. According to an OurTime review, the platform is truly effective, being among the top-20 most visited dating services globally.

People over 50 are welcome to join the service, while the registration process is straightforward and convenient. Most profile fields are optional. The service is based upon the matching roulette principle; therefore, you need seconds to make several new friends. Furthermore, standard users may view other subscribers’ profiles and photos – famousparenting.com/flirt-com-overview-2024-navigating-the-future-of-flirting-on-this-dating-site.

From the viewpoint of design and target audience, the service is more conservative. OurTime undoubtedly doesn’t belong to dating sites. More than 98% of registered persons are straight. Premium memberships are average-priced, and a newcomer should know that the messaging feature is available for premium subscribers only.

The service has many pros, and registered persons highlight the diverse amount of exclusive features, including audio and video calls, virtual gifts, etc. Meanwhile, there are many scammers because of the insufficient verification system. Nevertheless, the service is worth signing up for.

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