MeetMe Review

MeetMe Review


Date with older guy10%
Reply rate88%
Popular age20-21


Visit rate9.2
FraudVery Rarely



  • You can chat and text other users at no cost
  • The payment options are flexible
  • Value-added features can be accessed within payment subscriptions
  • You can restrict some users from accessing your profile
  • You can customize your profile with various themes
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Signing up is free
  • Impressive search system
  • Users can live stream and watch videos of other members
  • You can start a live stream video
  • Can be accessed both on the website and mobile app
  • Regular users get rewards
  • Significant user database


  • The chances of finding fake profiles are high
  • Most user-profiles are not comprehensive
  • There is no profile verification process before sign up.
  • Little is done against fake profiles.
  • There is no straightforward search option – the profiles are not detailed.

MeetMe was launched in 2005 by the Meet Group, providing users with a platform to interact with others through chats, live streams, and discussions. Its launch was spearheaded by providing a unique platform for different people to connect. Initially, it was a platform targeting to provide a platform for teens to network and interact. However, this changed over time, as you can find adults outnumbering young people. Even so, it is wise to be cautious as you are interacting with many people. MeetMe website has attracted a significant following, with over 90 million users accessing it.

MeetMe Review


Fortunately, you can access this platform via the browser and mobile application. The MeetMe website has a simple and user-friendly interface. All of the features can be accessed conveniently. However, using the website might be challenging, especially because it has an outdated interface. You are also likely to face distractions from the constant ads that pop up on the site, especially when you are a free subscriber.

Most users are impressed by the app’s functionality as it has impressive functionality. Its ratings are quite fascinating, mainly because of the user-friendly design. You can easily navigate the app even when you are not tech-savvy. The app has three sections; ‘Meet,’ ‘Feed,’ and ‘Chat.’

The ‘Meet’ function allows you to reach out to other members. When you click on it, you will get user profiles of people who are near you. If you click on a profile, you can start interacting with that member if you are interested. Through the chat function, you can send a message to a member. If the person is online, you can start a live stream, and you will interact via video. You can chat via video or text if the person is not online. With the ‘Feed’ function, you can view other users’ profiles and view their posts. It works like Facebook.

MeetMe Review


Creating a profile is not complicated as most user-profiles do not have comprehensive details. All the site asks for is a username, age, location, and gender. Since there are no regulations against fake profiles, you are likely to get several of them.

MeetMe website has a significant membership of over 100 million users. More than 40000 users access the website daily. Most of the users are from the United States. You are likely to find more women at 60% compared to men at 40%. Unlike other dating sites, MeetMe has users across all ages –you can find users from age 13. This fact exposes minors to safety risks and threats.

There is no straightforward system for finding matches. However, you can filter search results to find particular users –search who is online, search by gender, age, location, or sexual preference. Interacting is free for all users. This feature is quite impressive, but it makes you vulnerable-predators to message you or face cyberbullying. Perverts also use this platform to persuade other users to send them nudes.

The site also has a feature known as ‘Blind Date,’ a game that allows a streaming host to hear a contestant without seeing them at the initial stages. However, as you continue streaming, the videos become blurry, and slowly you can see the other person. If you are interested in the game, both of you can go on interacting. If not impressed, you can disconnect from the call.


One of the best things on this site is the registration process. The MeetMe review established that the process takes less than two minute. You can sign up via Facebook (if you sign up on the mobile app) or using your email address (when you sign up on the web). You do not have to add detailed information –you are taken to the dashboard after submitting basic info. Registration takes less than a minute, and you can start using your profile immediately.


Your profile does not contain a lot of details. Within a minute of signing up, you can already have your profile ready for use. You will need to indicate the following:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • A profile photo

MeetMe website has a ‘bio’ section. It is not mandatory to fill the section. There is no verification process- users are taken to the dashboard after signing up, and you can start using the website.

MeetMe Review

How Do You Log-Out?

Logging out is straightforward. Click on the profile settings, and you can log out of the site. Go to the MeetMe website, settings, and click logout. In the mobile app, select account settings and click logout. The next time you want to access the website or app, you will submit your username and password.

How Long To Activate Account?

If you do not like complicated registration processes, you should consider signing up on the MeetMe website. Within two minutes, you will have your account settings and can start using it. As such, there is no verification process –there is no need to activate your account.

How To Delete Account?

Within a minute, you can delete your MeetMe account. Log in to the website, select settings at the far right corner. From the menu, select ‘Account.’ On the next page, click ‘deactivate account.’ To delete your account from the mobile application, log in to the app, select Settings, and click ‘delete account.’ When you click this action, you will have no access to the MeetMe website unless you register once more.

How To Make A Profile Top?

All profiles appear in the search results regardless of their features. However, if you want your profile to appear on top of search results, it will help if you made it comprehensive- rather than having basic information, you can include more details in the ‘About Me’ section. Include as much information as you would wish other users to know about you.

You can also add tags to your profile. Tags give a hint of the topics you would like to share. This way, you are matched with people who have similar interests. For instance, you can tag about dating, sex, marriage, pets, hobbies, and many other topics.

Can MeetMe You Limit The People See Your Profile?

MeetMe’s profiles are, by default, open for all the users to view. Fortunately, you can restrict some people from viewing your profile. To restrict some people from viewing your profile, go to settings at the top right of the MeetMe website. Click ‘Privacy’ on the drop menu, and select ‘who can view my profile.’ After you select the appropriate action, ensure you click save so that the action can be executed.

To complete this action on the app, click settings or account. Select Privacy and Content and apply the preferred action.

How Can I Change My Name On MeetMe?

You can change your name or edit any information on your profile. On the mobile app, click the ‘About me section, select name, and click edit.

On the MeetMe website, on the personal and basic information tabs, select edit profile. You can as well change other details.

How Can I Hide My Profile On MeetMe?

You can hide your profile by limiting the people who view your profile. You can do this by selecting the profile settings, click privacy. Select who can view my profile. You can hide it from other members in this section.

How Do I Change My Profile Picture On MeetMe?

While there is no straightforward option to change your profile picture on the MeetMe website, you can reinstall the mobile app and upload another picture.

MeetMe Review


What makes MeetMe preferred over the rest? Special features attract a significant following on hookup sites. Interestingly, MeetMe has multiple features that its users can enjoy. They include games and interaction features. Here is what you can enjoy when using the hookup platform.

  • Free registration and membership –unlike most dating sites, MeetMe allows its users to access, register, and use the website at no cost.
  • Add photos –you can upload pictures on your profile.
  • Simple profiles- you can set your profile as you wish. Users can have comprehensive or shallow profiles.
  • Profile tags- users can add short descriptions and titles on their profiles.
  • Profile questions/ask me section: this section has details about you. Ideally, the information gives a hint of who you are and what you like.
  • Search and View features: these options allow members to search for members and see who viewed their profile.
  • Match section: This feature allows you to find members who fit your criteria.
  • Chatting features: you can chat via text or video call. Live texting options can include emojis. Users only video chat if they have interacted previously.
  • Live feed and quick feature: allows private streaming of video and allows other users to access the notification in the Live Feed.
  • Virtual gifts: you can send virtual gifts (animated gif) together with diamond rewards.
  • Favorites: This section has people who bookmark your profile. The ‘Viewed By’ feature allows you to see the members who have viewed your profile.
  • Secret admirer feature: it is more of a game feature that allows you to guess the person you interact with. You can see the faces of that user and guess who they are. Users are only given five attempts to identify the particular user. If you fail to identify the person, the notification disappears.
  • Questions: this function aims to initiate conversation between MeetMe participants. If you like a member, ask him a question- if the item is answered, your identity will be revealed to that person. If the question is unanswered, the identity will be anonymous.
  • Quick pick: Only accessible on the mobile app- it allows you to find users easily.


The best thing about the MeetMe website is that you can use its services at no cost. All the features on the website do not require any subscription. When you register on the website, you can do the following:

  • Register
  • Create a profile
  • Search for users
  • Live stream
  • Chat with others

However, this hookup site has a MeetMe+ feature mainly found on the app. This feature can only be accessed when you purchase a subscription plan. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, or mobile money services. You can choose from the following subscription plans:

  • Pay 6.99 USD for one month
  • Three months at 16.99 USD
  • Six months at 24.99 USD

MeetMe pricing policies are relatively cheap compared to other hookup sites. With a premium plan, users can get the following:

  • See the users who view your profile
  • Use the site free of ads
  • Excellent search filters
  • Your messages are prioritized in other users inbox
  • Browse and view other profiles anonymously
  • Customize your profile with different themes


Your data is essential and should be safe, especially when you include it on an online platform. MeetMe has a lot of safety provisions that users can access by reading privacy policies. Users are discouraged from sharing sensitive information with strangers- fraudsters can use this information to steal from you. It also helps if you can report any aggression or misconduct to the technical team for the necessary action.

Though there is no strict verification process, the site has safety provisions. The Social Verify Badge is a unique feature that checks the user profiles are not fake- it gets rid of bots. You can also block other users or hide your account from other users. Besides bots and fake profiles, many ads can distract users from enjoying using the website.

MeetMe website is a COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. This certification restricts underage users from accessing the website. In case of any concerns, you can find support from the technical team.

Are MeetMe Chats Encrypted?

From the MeetMe reviews, there is no way to encrypt your chats. If you have many messages, your chats will be deleted after thirty days. You can encrypt your chats if you are using the mobile app.

Can MeetMe Track You Down?

Yes. From the information you give, your IP address can be traced.

Who Should You Contact Regarding Your Privacy In MeetMe?

If you have privacy concerns, you can easily reach out to the technical team. Here is how to reach the MeetMe support team:

Company name: The Meet Group Inc

Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, USA

Contact: 215-862-7832


Twitter: @ MeetMe

Can You Delete The Information You Have Already Submitted On MeetMe?

To delete any information submitted on the website, go to the MeetMe homepage and select settings. From there, click account information, choose the section you wish to edit or delete, and click save.


It will help if you know how MeetMe functions and what you are likely to experience when using the website. From MeetMe reviews, here are things you can expect when using this hookup site.

  • Users can network and date when using the site. Initially, MeetMe was a networking platform for young guys. With time, the platform became more of a dating site. Its layout has been convenient for dating. Whether you are looking for a partner or to socialize, you are sure to find both benefits on the site.
  • You can meet and interact with people in various ways. This site allows you to meet people regardless of other preferences. There are games and fun activities that members engage in as they interact with others. The games include card games, secret admirer, and board games. You can play them on the app and website.
  • The site is free to use. When you register via the website, you can access everything without paying. You can also earn credits when using the platform to aid in interacting.
  • It has Android and iOS applications. If you wish to have a customized experience, you can choose to sign up via the mobile app. The app has a user-friendly interface with no distractions.
  • The blind date game helps users find a partner. It is a game that allows users to answer questions from other members (maximum of four users). Usually, the queries are preset, and if you answer them correctly, the other user’s identity is revealed. From there, you can start to connect and start interacting. It is a viable option for members who are looking for prospective partners.
  • A Facebook-style of notifications- members are notified every time like how you can get notifications from Facebook. Live feed notifications have updates on the latest activities from users. If you want to get noticed by other members, you can take advantage of this feature.
  • You can sort profiles to only specific filter criteria. This way, you only get results of people who match what you are looking for, especially if you intend to find someone to date.
  • Users can be rewarded for using the site frequently. You can earn credit (lunch money) by spending more time on the site. You can use the credit rewards to purchase impressive features, such as profile decorations that customize your profile to attract more users.

On the downside, MeetMe has to improve its interface. The layout looks outdated, hence a need to update it. This fact makes navigating the site a bit challenging. Also, multiple ads, especially when using the website, can distract users. Some users also complained of having difficulties sending messages to other members and even being blocked from using the site.

Another upsetting feature is concerning safety and privacy. The site’s technical team has to do more in aiding safety, starting with the verification process. There have been several complaints from users about aggression and cyberbullying, yet too little has been done. Fraudsters have also been reported to have been using the website to manipulate other users. Regardless of these facts, MeetMe is quite a nice platform for socializing, networking, dating, and playing fun games- you can log whenever you feel bored.


MeetMe is one of the modern socializing and dating sites that have impressive functionality. People who are looking for fun and social networks can consider this site. The platform is free to access, register, and use. Some features won’t work unless you purchase a premium membership. You can access the platform via the browser and app.

Unfortunately, users who sign up on the platform have to grapple with the distraction from several ads. You are likely to get fake profiles, bots, and fraudsters. Nonetheless, there are more benefits users can enjoy when using the platform. If you are looking for a viable dating site, MeetMe might not be feasible- the chances of finding a partner are relatively low.

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