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Date with older guy74%
Reply rate72%
Popular age21-45


Visit rate9.5
FraudVery Rarely



  • With a broad user base, it is never a problem to find an interlocutor online. You can not only chat with other members but also play exciting games
  • Simple and attractive interface
  • Straightforward navigation through the site features
  • Free and instant check-in
  • Regular app updates


  • Weak anti-bot protection, it is elementary to cheat the system. You cannot be 100% sure that you are talking to a real person
  • Lack of regulation on the published content. The site moderators do not take measures to fight against it
  • Full transparency: everyone can follow your actions
  • Permanently pop-up ads

Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel established MocoSpace in far 2005 as a mobile social community. Since then, MocoSpace has grown into a large dating and media platform. More than 100 million people worldwide have already joined it!

MocoSpace is a privately held company JNJ Mobile Inc. with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and Herzliya, Israel. The site has a lot of space where you can chat, flirt, entertain and socialize with other people online. It was created for the new, progressive, and multicultural generation.


MocoSpace visitors

By 2020, MocoSpace reached the number of over 100 million registered members, and 800 thousands of them are active weekly. The app gained the highest popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom.

People of different ages, social statuses, and cultural backgrounds use the MocoSpace app. The dominant age group is the youth from 18 to 24 years. They make up 40% of all MocoSpace members. 24% are individuals aged between 25 and 30 years, 17% – from 31 to 35 years, and 13% -older than 35 years.

MocoSpace is very diverse in members’ ethnic structure. 38% of all site users are Latinos, 22% – Europeans, and 35% – Afro-Americans. In gender ratio, males slightly outnumber females – 56% against 44%.

According to statistics, 66% of MocoSpace members (or seven in every ten) access the app on their mobile devices. Text messages are the most common type of communication.


MocoSpace will be useful for individuals who are looking for new acquaintances and friends. The site is geared towards the youth audience, so it is probably suitable for flirting and short-time affairs. But even if you are into a romantic and serious commitment, you can try your luck, and who knows, maybe you will succeed!


Comparison of MocoSpace Website and App

MocoSpace website has an appealing, user-friendly interface similar to Facebook. Thus, experienced Facebook users will not have any difficulties navigating through the MocoSpace website features. By default, you can set filters on the landing page and browse only through the profiles appealing to you.

Profile updates that you marked «not to show» will no longer appear in your search list.

MocoSpace has a mobile app, which is suitable for «on-the-go users.» It is supported on devices with Android and IOS software. At least, it has not been crashed so far.

However, some pages may load than usual, and compared to Facebook or Twitter, the difference becomes apparent. Apart from this, free users face permanently appearing ads every few minutes. Fortunately, installing a free-ads version solves this problem. Note that only users on Android can upgrade to premium.

In general, the MocoSpace app serves its purposes and receives numerous positive reviews from users. Currently, MocoSpace developers work on improving the app responsiveness.


The profiles on MocoSpace are not very detailed since it is not mandatory to fill out the fields with personal information. The site users tend to point out a little data about themselves.

You can customize the visibility of your profile in settings or edit its description anytime.


How to Create an Account on MocoSpace?

The sign-up process on MocoSpace is clear and straightforward, so even older users can handle it. Usually, registration does not take much time, and you can complete it within a couple of minutes.

The first thing you need to do is to open the home page of the MocoSpace website. If you do not have an account on MocoSpace yet, you will need to create it by filling out the online form.

While signing up, you must enter your details, like username, gender, birthday, email address, password, and area code. Additionally, you can upload the profile photo so that other members could easier find you. Unlike other sites, MocoSpace does not have specific requirements for your profile picture. Some accounts have profile photos of celebrities, cute animals, or children. Besides, there is an opportunity to upload GIFs. All images that you add to your profile, by default, are visible to other members.

Then you have to accept the site’s terms and conditions and move to the last step of registration. At the final stage, you have to go through anti-bot verification by clicking the security images. However, users on MocoSpace do not verify their accounts through email. As an alternative, you can skip the entire sign-up process and log in via your Facebook or Google account.

How do I Logout?

To log out MocoSpace, tap the Log Out button, placed downside of the website home page.

How Much Time Does It Take to Activate an Account?

Usually, you do not need to wait long, and confirmation goes in a matter of seconds.

Is It Possible to Delete a Profile At MocoSpace?

Yes, it is. For this, go to the profile customization on the website and select the «Cancel Account» option.

To confirm the deletion of your account, you have to enter your password. Note that your profile will stay active for three days more. It is done to give you a chance to change your mind. To recover a deleted account is possible only within this time frame. When the time expires, profile info will be erased from the company’s servers. You will have to create a new account if you decide to join MocoSpace again.

How to Make a Profile More Noticeable?

MocoSpace developers encourage users to indicate more personal information in their profiles. An accomplished profile attracts attention and has higher chances to find a soulmate, on the assumption of common interests. MocoSpace review testifies that detailed profiles have twice more responses than empty ones.

Does MocoSpace Protect Your Profile From Viewing by Minors?

The site does not knowingly collect or maintain information on anyone under the age of 18. Users who are under the age of 18 cannot download and use the MocoSpace app. MocoSpace takes measures to protect users’ profiles from spam and restrict them from non-friends and unwanted guests.

How Do I Edit My Username on MocoSpace website?

According to many MocoSpace reviews, you can edit your username on this platform only once a month. To change your username, go to your profile settings, then tap the «Сhange Username» option at the bottom of the page.

How To Make a Profile Invisible?

You can only set individual privacy settings for your instant messages in the chat. All profile elements, including personal information and photos, are visible for other users by default.

How Can I Delete Pictures From My Album?

At first, choose the photos in your album you want to delete. At the bottom of each image, you will see the Manage Photos option. Click on it and select the action you want to do – either delete a photo or move it to another album.


In many aspects, MocoSpace is similar to one global social network. You are encouraged to post any permissible materials to attract attention to your profile.

  • Friendshop

Friendshop is a hilarious game where you can literally «buy and sell real people from your friend list»; likewise, they can buy you. At the same time, sharing friends is an entertaining way of interacting with other site users. The game has a fake currency – Friendshop cash, only available within the game. The essence is to buy friends at a low cost and sell at a high. The more persons purchase you, the higher your cost is. Whenever someone purchases your friend, you and he both receive profit.

  • Street Wars

Street Wars is a team game in a mafia-style. You have to form your crew to fight off your enemies. A reward for completed missions is additional points for enhancing your hero’s health, stamina, and ability to recruit more players to your gang. When you increase your power a lot, you will be able to beat your opponents easily.

  • Daily Spin

This game is a kind of «Fortune Wheel,» and those who want to try their luck may play it once a day. You have a chance to win valuable prizes, additional free spins, and other pleasant bonuses, including 100,000 Moco-Gold, in-app currency.

Bonuses that you won in Daily Spin spread on other online games at MocoSpace.

  • Stickers

Stickers are like emoticons, just more significant in size. You can use them in messaging, forum posts, and comments. Personalized stickers make the conversation more lively and vivid. Some of them are free, the rest you unlock after purchasing a MocoSpace paid subscription.

  • Forums and blogs

MocoSpace is a big platform where like-minded people can exchange their opinions about the last news, events, and various everyday topics. Forums allow you to know how people of different cultures live and what they like. Leaving a comment under a small post very often may lead to an exciting discussion.

  • MocoSpace Ratings

MocoSpace ratings are a great way to leave a review about novelties in the movie or music industry you heard about recently. You can browse through varied categories and put stars on any topic you are interested in. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to attach a picture to your review!

  • MocoSpace Friends and Favorites

MocoSpace compiles a list of all members who have commented on your page for easy consultation. On the other hand, favorites let you star the content posted on other members’ profiles so that they will appear on your favorites page.

Non-paid services:

  • Sign-up on the website and create an account
  • Search filters
  • Browsing through other member’s profiles
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Chatting without limits
  • Access to blog articles and forums

When you purchase a paid subscription, a VIP badge will appear near your profile picture.

Paid services:

  • See your profile views.
  • Remove all ads
  • Raise your profile to the top
  • Priority in customer support
  • Purchasing eCards and stickers
  • Turn on a stealth mode and hide your face from the other members.


In comparison to other dating platforms, MocoSpace’s price is average. There are two kinds of MocoSpace paid subscriptions: MocoSpace VIP and MocoSpace VIP Gold Special.

Subscription durationCost per monthTotal cost
MocoSpace VIP
1 Month7.99 USD/Month7.99 USD
3 Months6.99 USD/Month20.97 USD (3 USD Economy)
6 Months5.99 USD / Month35.94 USD (12 USD Economy
MocoSpace VIP Gold Special
CreditsOne credit costTotal cost
500 credits0.01 USD / Credit4.99 USD
1,250 Credits0.01 USD / Credit9.99 USD
2,750 Credits0.01 USD / Credit19.99 USD
4,325 Credits0.01 USD / Credit29.99 USD
7,500 Credits0.01 USD / Credit49.99 USD
15,500 Credits0.01 USD / Credit99.99 USD


Privacy and Security Issues

Profiles on MocoSpace can be private or public. Public profiles are opened and visible for all members. If you do not want to share some information with others, you can limit your page’s access in the privacy settings.

In this case, only your friends will see your page content. Individuals who are not on your friends’ list will have to send you a friend request first. However, the entire user’s activity on the site, including photos they liked, is displayed in a feed. The fact can be regarded as a breach of privacy.

Are MocoSpace Chats Encrypted?

All Internet users want to be sure that their correspondence is secured and not used by anyone for trickery purposes. Only encrypted messengers give guarantees that your personal information is completely protected.

All data on the MocoSpace website are encrypted and sent via SSL-connection, so anyone can not intercept your messages technically. Thus, security measures provide a high level of privacy on the site. The Terms of –Use agreement is very extensive. It ensures that your data will not be shared with non-authorized parties.

Can Mocospace Track You Down?

You can customize your device not to track signals. For this, go to settings and choose the «Limit Tracking» option. That means that the site will not share your account data – IP-address, location with other users, except its authorized partners.

Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service

Before you write to the MocoSpace support team, make sure you cannot solve your problem yourself. Glitches and errors may happen from time to time in MocoSpace, but they usually disappear after reloading the app.

You can send all complaints, offers, clarifications at from your MocoSpace inbox or any offsite email address (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).

When sending via email, please be sure that you are using the email associated with your MocoSpace account, and do not forget to indicate your User Name in your message.

In your letter, try to give short and the most detailed description of your problem: what kind of error you have, in what ways you tried to solve the problem, how much time you are dealing with it. If you are going to report violations or harassment, please give the evidence — attach the conversation screenshot.

MocoSpace support team does its best to give quick feedback to all the users. However, the response may take a longer time due to a high number of requests. Usually, it is one business day. Business days are Monday through Friday, except for Holidays.

Anyway, you will get an automated reply that your email was received and is being processed. If you did not get the one, more likely, you indicated an invalid email address.

Note that you can contact MocoSpace only via email. The support team automatically filters requests and will not respond to messages sent via text, SMS, or phone calls.

Can I Delete Already Submitted Information?

Yes, you can do it anytime.


You can find different opinions about the MocoSpace website on the Internet. Some users are not satisfied with its functionality and have doubts about its security. They recommend staying away from the site and not wasting your time and money:

« Right after I placed my profile picture, hundreds of men bombarded me with invitations to chat. I tried to hide my profile, and it is turned out that I have to pay $1 for that. I did so, but it remained all the same. Moreover, I was annoyed with permanently pop-up ads and notifications from people I am not interested in! Gotta leave off the site. Very disappointed.»

«Since I first signed-up MocoSpace, it got much worse. The site owners want you to spend your money paying for nothing! They do not care about improving site performance and cannot provide users’ data safety.»

The others admit its simplicity in use and many exciting games you can play here:

«On MocoSpace, you can pass your time playing multiple games and meeting new people. The site is a large open platform for communication. If someone bothers you with unwanted messages, it is easy to set your account privacy. »



MocoSpace is a well-known site among gamers and Internet users. The site is already 15 years on the online dating market and has a strong solid reputation. Even though it is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it can attract users’ interest.

MocoSpace has a forum and blog area, where you can read compelling articles and express your personal opinion towards various events. If dating is not your priority, you can сhoose your favorite game and join people who already play it. Thus, you can make new friends and have fun simultaneously. Herewith, you are not obliged to upgrade premium and can enjoy the site features just by being a free member!

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