Apex Review

Apex Review


Date with older guy8%
Reply rate91%
Popular age25-30
Profiles456 000


Visit rate9.5
FraudVery Rarely



  • The profile will be based on the voting technique.
  • The Safety and security of every Apex user are prioritized.
  • The search will be based on location, and you can filter the suggestions accordingly.
  • There are many search parameters, including country/city, age, sexual preferences.
  • You can find potential partners nearby.
  • The Apex application is streamlined.
  • You can initiate a conversation with the help of free messages.


  • You cannot create many profiles.
  • Apex does not allow video calling.
  • Only text chats are available.

Apex is one of the most popular dating sites that cater to single women and men interested in casual dating, hookup, or just sex. If you need something that comes with no strings attached policy, this is your best bet. Nevertheless, you can find some serious people here.

Apex is one of the best dating websites that provide live chat software since 2008. Moreover, it offers unlimited communication with the chat agent who provides 24/7 customer service. You can enjoy Apex on both Android/iOS smartphones and in the web browser. Your partner can be anywhere in the world, and your romantic journey can start anytime soon!

Apart from the top-notch support system, being a newbie, you will get the following things:

  • Optimization for mobile devices.
  • Availability of Facebook Messenger integration so that you can get a friendly user interface.
  • Perfect SMS and chat solution for a better interactive process.
  • Not only dating, but you will get white label opportunities from the marketing agencies.

This detailed Apex review will discuss all the ins and outs of this fantastic dating portal, including its pros, cons, performance, security, usability, and compatibility.

Do you worry about whether the Apex website can be the right choice for you? Do you want to explore more in-depth and honest reviews? Keep reading this article as it will talk about the sign-up process, website usability, safety, costs, and much more.

Apex Review


At the Apex website, you will be able to get all the necessary info while joining. For example, there is a unique approach to dating, and the profiles will be selected based on voting. The interface is quite simple, so even people who are not used to technology will handle it with ease. You have to check out the application and the web version of Apex to understand how good it is. It has come up with some innovative dating ideas that will help you find matches with good compatibility.

Apex reviews mention that different gadgets run on Android and iOS support this platform. There is no download facility until now, but you will be able to stay signed in and get a notification if someone is trying to contact you. You have a lot of options to communicate with other members. Numerous filters will assist you in finding the person you want to hang out with, and you can start messaging them right away.

Easy-to-Navigate Web Version and Mobile Application


On the Apex website, the profile quality is ideal for people interested in casual hookups and open relationships, and you can set it up quite quickly. There is a very minimum amount of information required: your own gender and gender preference. You can add a bio so that others can understand who you are and what you want. Try to upload a catchy photo to stand a better chance of meeting someone special.

It is easy to make multiple profiles, which is why there is a loophole for a scam. Be careful while communicating with other people and do not disclose your personal information. You can change your page details at any time you want, and it is essential to have a high-quality picture to attract more visitors.

The profile priority is based on the voting system, so there is an utmost sense of democracy. You can vote for any individual you want according to your preferences. Make sure that you use the search filters so that finding the perfect partner becomes more enjoyable for you.

Quality of Profiles and What Information Can Be Found There


If anyone is looking for a little bit of casual dating, then Apex is the best website out there in the industry. Crowded with singles from New York, users can either date, flirt, or make friends once they sign up. It is easy to join the community, and Apex welcomes both men and women with any sexual preferences. Just register and find oneself in a pool of beautiful people; make their day better only with a few clicks!


Signing up on Apex is quite easy and barely takes a few minutes. It doesn’t require much information other than email or Facebook. Once you register, select several interlocutors to start your dating journey.

People can add profile pictures and fill up the About section so that others know who they are and what they are looking for. Apex makes it simple for its users. The setup only takes about 5-7 minutes. You will be asked to specify the gender and make up a cute sexy username to garner more attention. After that, indicate your birthday, location, and ZIP code.

Hassle-Free and Effortless Profile Setup

This Is How You Can Log Out

Once you logged in, it wouldn’t be a problem to log out. Having navigated through the app or website a little bit, members will be able to find out the option for logging out in the app’s top-left corner. Once you click there, a drop-down menu will show up, enabling you to exit or log out of Apex.

Apex Has Simple Steps to Activate an Account

Account activation is not a tough process. It happens almost instantly; one just needs to follow the instructions for signing up and complete the verification process properly. If a user decides to go in for the paid function, they will then have to complete the payment process and authorize it properly. Only then would the perks of the paid membership be activated. In conclusion, profile activation takes a significantly less amount of time.

Possibility to Delete an Apex Account

Most users prefer to use the application for a longer term for better results. However, if one decides to delete their account, Apex will show a drop-down menu in the top left corner of the screen. On clicking that, there will be a few questions asked as to why the user decided to quit using this service. You would need to confirm the action; after that, your page will be removed from Apex.

Possibility to Delete an Apex Account

Bring Your Profile to the Top of the List

Better usernames are always noticed first. Apex also has a voting system that helps the profiles gain relevant attention, which would facilitate more connections. It is advisable to keep the page as attractive as possible to get many views and matches, and, of course, enjoy a higher positioning. Not only that, but fancier pictures also play an essential role in increasing the chances of someone noticing the profile. If one puts their extra efforts in providing a good picture and descriptions, they will surely get hundreds of matches every day.

Apex Does Not Have Strict Policy Concerning Who Can See Your Profile

Although Apex cannot specifically restrict someone from viewing profile pictures, the user can ban any malicious individual who makes them feel uncomfortable. Apex doesn’t allow minors to join, so, of course, underage people will not get access to the user database anyway. Apart from this, you can set an age limit for the matches not to face any discomfort later on.

Ways to Change Name on Apex

If one signed up with Facebook, it would be a little harder for them to change their names since it is linked to that account. Otherwise, you can go to the drop-down menu and change your name to whatever you want it to be.

Ways to Change Name on Apex

What to Do to Hide Profile on Apex?

Hiding one’s profile can be done to reduce visibility or to take a break from all that is going on. If that is what you need, you can hide your page temporarily by clicking the corresponding option, either on the site or application. Resume services whenever you want.

Changing a Profile Picture on the Apex Website

Apex is very easy to use, and the features are pretty self-explanatory. All the person needs to do to change their profile picture is clicking on the button below it; they can upload a new one from there. When you are okay with the pic, save the changes and be ready to woo matches.


Apex has a few features that make it stand out from its competitors. They are:

  • Voting gives it a democratic approach.
  • Safety is essential to the owners of Apex.
  • There are location-based searches for more accurate results.
  • Filters like location, age, sex, photo, etc. will help people narrow down their searches. The more effort and attention one puts, the better their matches are going to be.
  • The Nearby feature will help anyone find dates nearby.
  • The app rating is based purely on voting as well.
  • Free and unlimited texting.
  • One can sort out matches based on interest.
Special Features of Apex


The portal is completely free, and all you have to do is register. As soon as you are done, browse through the vast database of attractive profiles. Also, if you have a busy schedule, you can switch to the mobile app for more convenience. No one can ask you to pay for Apex profiles; that would be illegal.


Apex has always done its best to ensure the profiles are not bothered by hackers, spammers, or people indulged in online bullying. However, you should also take some measures to stay careful and act immediately if you ever face an issue. Feel free to report a rule-breaker to the site moderator team. They are working on making Apex a safe and secure virtual place.

Are Apex Chats Moderated?

Encryption is not mentioned anywhere on the Apex website, so be extra careful when communicating with someone and never ever share your sensitive information with strangers online.

Discover Whether Apex Can Track You

Since users provide Apex with their location for more accurate matches, it is clear that the site has access to this information. However, this is optional because one can turn off their GPS to stop their location from being tracked. It is one of Apex’s features to look for matches nearby. However, if one chooses to hide it, Apex can suggest potential partners utilizing other available parameters.

Apex reviews claim that it provides a safe and secure platform for people interested in casual fun and hookups. No wonder it stands true to its claims. The website also ensures that it doesn’t indulge in any fraudulent activities or scam. Apex keeps updating its mobile application now and then to eliminate fakes and scammers.

Apex has already mentioned all the safety and security requirements it takes on its security page. Individuals should always go through that before joining this community. You should get to know about the design, usability, security and website features, pros and cons, etc. before signing up at any dating site.

In case someone is able to find a profile that looks inappropriate, or they come across some suspicious activity, they can report the page right away. The Apex team will take action as soon as possible. Bringing this to the attention of the moderators will result in a more peaceful and fun atmosphere. Thus, people can avoid any kind of harassment.

Contact Details of Customer Care to Ask Questions Related to Privacy on Apex

Information That Should Not Be Submitted to Apex

Yes, users can delete the information that they have already submitted to Apex. Whenever a person wants to leave the website, they can delete their accounts, and all their data will be removed as well. Apex doesn’t sell personal details to third parties, so once you stop using its services, your info is deleted from everywhere.


Many people who have used this website have said that it is perfect for those looking for relationships, friendships, or hookups.

One of the members, Jenny, said, “Overall, Apex does a good job connecting members attracted to one another. With its Voting feature, a person can pick from two awesome participants to go on a date with. However, Apex may not be the best for people interested in a set date, lifetime partner, or serious relationship. But if you need something more casual and fun, Apex will surely be worth your time.”

According to the Apex review, the reply rate on this site is 91%, and the average is 25-26 years. 80% of existing members have positive feedback after browsing Apex.

More than 1000+ members on the Apex website said that they found legit and suitable profiles for themselves. 20% of the site visitors have come across fakes and spammers. As mentioned in the article, there is no email verification process, so Apex should work hard on eliminating people with bad intentions.

10% of real-life reviews for the Apex website have added concerns about privacy issues. The members have duly written that “The site does not carry out background checks, nor does it verify the photos, which has been a major drawback.”

As per many Apex reviews, it still holds a strong position in the dating industry! Moreover, they have been able to get more positive reviews than negative ones.

Real-Life Noted Apex Review


Apex is the best option for people seeking relationships or hookups. Its spectacular features keep the members glued to their phones. Apex is expanding, and thousands of people join it every month. It is a good app for making friends, meeting better halves, or just flings. If you have an idea of what Apex is all about, what stops you from registering here? Sign in today!

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