Adam4Adam Review

Adam4Adam Review


Active Audience84%
Quality Matches88%
Popular Age18-35
Profiles1 000 000
Reply Rate89%
Ease of Use8.2
FraudVery Rarely



  • You will find several active users.
  • It has a renowned reputation among gay hookup sites.
  • You can use some features under the free plan.
  • You can access it via the browser and mobile application.
  • Signing up and setting up an account is free.
  • Exceptional features that enhance the usability.
  • Several search options.


  • You can find fake profiles, bots, and scammers –the verification process is not strict.
  • Some users browse anonymously- differentiating fake profiles from real ones might be challenging.
  • Membership renewal is automatic but can be canceled at any time.
  • The technical support system is not impressive.
  • The app’s interface might be challenging to navigate for some users.

Finding love and hookups on gay dating sites is the latest trend. People seem to find love at the click of a button and in the comfort of their homes. The Adam4Adam website allows the gay community to find hookups instantly without feeling judged. It is one of the pioneer platforms that solely focuses on people with gay sexual preferences. Since its launch in 2003, the site has a significant following.

Over time, the site has proven to have a unique platform for men to find love amidst the judgmental society. You can find casual relationships, and you get to enjoy many more features, including live cams. For you to understand how the platform works, it would be best to read the review.

Web version vs. Mobile application


The Adam4Adam website has a modern design that enhances usability. However, free users might not enjoy the experience on either platform – continuous ads can distract you. The website has a neat layout; the menu includes your account, sex shop, mailbox, live webcams, and movies.

On the homepage’s left side, you can view online, old, new, popular, and featured members. In this section, you can find a variety of subscribers and start to communicate with them. The platform is attractive and perfect. On the downside, you may bump into several fake profiles that would inconvenience your usability. However, you can block them as they negatively impact your experience.

Fortunately, Adam4Adam has a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. The layout is pretty simple and impressive. Despite that, there is a lot that has to be done to improve its interface. Navigating it is a bit complicated, making its functionality unimpressive. Regardless, the app has most of the features users prefer – if you use it occasionally, you won’t notice issues with functionality.


Adam4Adam is a populous site. You can find at least 50000 active members at any given time. Most of these subscribers are from the United States (at least 6.3 million users). More than 400000 users access the website daily. The database has over one million subscribers every month. There are 50% of men from other races (non-whites). Since the platform caters to the gay community, there are no possibilities of interacting with a lady unless they create a fake profile. You can find users as young as 18 years. Then again, the majority of the users are above 50 years.

Searching for members is a free feature. There are several search filters, and free members can save at least three of them as per convenience. Search results can target certain filters, such as specifying who you want to meet or being general (you select from the category displayed). Fee-based subscribers can save a maximum of 10 search options.

You can communicate via private messaging. If you are not ready to chat with other users, you can send a ‘smile.’ You can bookmark a profile, save, and share the profile with other friends. If you want to be anonymous, you can remove the profile’s record. Users are free to block someone whom they don’t like.



When you visit the Adam4Adam homepage, you have to sign up soonest possible. Fortunately, the registration process is simple and will take no more than five minutes of your time. You can also sign up via Facebook – you must link your Facebook account. When signing up, you will submit the following:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Age
  • Password
  • Location

A verification link is sent to your email address for authentication. The next step is to provide your profile photo and other necessary details.

Profile setup


Every profile has a little giving more information about the user and sexual orientation, lifestyle status, location, username, and relationship status. Under the username, there is also a bio section where you can include your profession. There is also a message box section where other users can write something about you.

The Adam4Adam website requires users to upload two photos. One photo is the primary profile picture, and the other one is for your gallery. All photos must be G-rated for verification and should not expose any nudity. Nevertheless, the members don’t seem to follow this rule, as you can find some of them whose pictures express nakedness. Subscribers can have two profiles: the home and the guest ones. The home profile is the primary account that other users view browsing the platform. On the other hand, the guest profile can be useful when you travel – it notifies your hookups that you are away. You can still connect with others when you switch to the guest mode.

Logging out: how do you sign out?

Signing out is subject to the platform you are using, the website, and the app. Every time you want to sign-out, you must confirm the action. The next time you log-in, you must provide your password. To log-out from the website:

  • Select the ‘My Account’ section in the menu
  • On the bottom, click log-out
  • Click confirm and sign-out

To log-out from the app:

  • On the profile photo, click the ‘Edit’ icon
  • On the ‘settings’ section, click log-out
  • Tap confirm and log-out
How long does it take to activate account

How long does it take to activate account

Mostly, a user account is activated after you finish the sign-up process. The faster you finish, the earlier you start using the website. When you sign-up via the mobile application, your account will be activated instantly. Registering via the mobile app is instant because you don’t have to submit more information (only your name and basic info is necessary). Your photos have to be verified before it can show on the website. Verification could take an hour but not more than 24 hours.

How to delete account

Deactivating your account is procedural but varies based on the platform of access. Though you can delete your account from the app, it would be best to do it via the website version. Take the following steps to deactivate your account from the Adam4Adam website:

  • Log-in to your user account
  • Tap ‘My Account’
  • At the bottom, choose ‘Delete My Account.’
  • Confirm by submitting your password

To deactivate your account on the mobile app:

  • Log-in to your account
  • On your profile photo, select the ‘Edit’ icon
  • Select settings on the next page
  • Choose ‘Delete Account’
  • Confirm your decision

It’s important to know that there is no way to access the platform or use it after deactivating the account. You have to create a new user account by signing up if you like to restart using the platform.

How to make a profile top

The only way to make your profile top is to upgrade it to a fee-based subscription. When you upgrade, your profile will be highlighted, and it features in top results.

Can Adam4Adam put age limits on who can see your profile

Unfortunately, you cannot put age limits on your profile. If you don’t want someone to see your profile, you can block them. Another way to hide your page is to subscribe and switch to invisible mode.

Can you change your name on Adam4Adam

Regrettably, there is no way to change your name on the Adam4Adam website. This is a provision to enhance usability. Be sure to get the best descriptive username during the sign-up process.

Is there an option to hide your profile on Adam4Adam?

Yes, you can hide your profile from other users and browse in incognito mode. Other users will not be notified when you view their profiles. You can access his option only after upgrading your membership to a VIP plan. To hide your profile on the website, click ‘My Account’ on the menu section. Scroll down until you see the VIP section and turn it on. You can also turn it off if you want to be visible. In the mobile application, click your profile photo and select the ‘Edit’ icon. Scroll to the ‘Invisible Mode’ icon and turn it on.

How do you change your profile picture on Adam4Adam?

To change your profile photo, log-in to the platform and select your account settings. Then, click the profile photo and drag it to change it. Confirm the changes by clicking ‘Save’.

Special features


The Adam4Adam website has multiple features that enhance usability. You can get most of them only by purchasing a premium membership. The following features make the platform stand out.

  • Live cams: users can interact via live cam. You can choose from three categories; Adam4AdamLive, A4Alive, and Adam4Cams. Either selection allows you to watch other members in a live performance.
  • Sex shop: Adam4Adam has a selling desk that allows members to shop online. You can buy sex toys and other equipment.
  • Movies: if you love porn, this should be a must-have feature. It has three plans to select from; pay per minute (you pay for every minute you watch), rentals (users can rent a movie for two days and pay for it), and downloads (members have the privilege of owning a movie for a week or for as long as they want). Each plan charges differently.
  • Underwear club: new members enjoy this feature very much. You get designer underwear for as little as $10. You can choose the style, color, and design, and it will be delivered to you.
  • Plan a trip: if you plan to travel, you can use the ‘plan a trip’ feature. Your hookups will be notified of your upcoming trip.
  • Party Ad: if you have an upcoming event or intend to do something that will involve other members, you can use the ‘Party Ad’ feature and advertise small and private parties. The advertisement is active on the platform for a month and disappears two days after the event.
  • Counselors: if you have any concerns about your health and STD’s, you can get in touch with counselors and how to take care of yourself. Reading guides and watching videos also enhance usability.
  • Unique profiles: unlike other transsexual dating sites, Adam4Adam allows users to set two distinct profiles: a guest profile and a home profile. The home profile works like other dating site profiles – users can view the details. On the other hand, the guest profile can be set when you intend to travel. This way, you can still connect with your hookups even when you are away from the platform for more than a week.
Costs and subscriptions


Like any other gay dating site, Adam4Adam has subscription packages. There are features you cannot utilize unless you subscribe. Users can select one of two different offers of membership: VIP and pro plan. VIP access costs 6.67 USD per month. Pro access costs 20 USD per month.Without upgrading, members can:

  • Create a profile
  • Search for compatible members
  • View users’ profiles
  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Save up to 20 conversation messages
  • Search for events
  • Attend events
  • Limited to a conversation length of 40 messages
  • Interact with others

Members who upgrade can:

  • Interact with anyone without limits
  • Block anyone
  • Use an ad-free platform (website and app)
  • Have their profiles approved
  • Save more than 200 chat conversations
  • A conversation length of up to 200 messages
  • Advertise your services

Based on the subscription policies, Adam4Adam is relatively cheap. This can be explained by the donations from sponsors and the revenue collected from the pay-per-porn regular ads. However, the prices keep changing – it would help get the right pricing policies on the website. Payments can be made via credit card. You can be sure that no one will tamper with your payment details. When you make payments, it will be debited to SEGPAY.COM@A4A Network. A refund can be done within two weeks of the initial transaction. Member’s subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel auto-renewal.



Most gay dating sites strive to provide their members with excellent privacy. From the Adam4Adam review, you can be certain that it is at the forefront for the same. The hookup site has privacy policies that every user has to abide by. The other safety policy is that all users are verified when signing up. The technical team also helps in moderating members’ interactions to ensure that they have the best experience. As such, users who violate the privacy policies get suspended from using the account.

Though a lot has been said about support from the technical team, every member should take responsibility for their privacy. Members can also read the safety tips to ensure that no one takes advantage of their presence on the platform. The safety tips include:

  • Be responsible for your passwords
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information with other users
  • Report any suspicious incidents
  • Meet prospective partners in public
  • Be cautious of fraud
  • Ask questions or reach out when you have concerns
  • Be assertive about your decisions
  • Reach out to health counselors and inquire about your health concerns.

On the downside, you might bump into several fake profiles. This can work against you, especially if you were optimistic about finding a partner. Another disappointing feature is that you can face aggression and fraudster individuals who might want to use your information to harm you. Instead of living at the mercies of an aggressive or blackmailing user, you should be cautious about sharing sensitive information with other people. In case you are a victim of harassment, it will help if you report the incident to the technical support team for the appropriate action. You also have the freedom of blocking a member or browsing in an invisible mode.

Are Adam4Adam chats encrypted?

Yes. The Adam4Adam website uses a technology that encrypts your chats and information when using the platform. You can be sure that there is no way that your information is leaked to third parties.

Can Adam4Adam track you down?

Yes. When signing up, especially through the mobile app, your location can be tracked via the IP address. This information is only used for internal purposes and ensures that you have a user-friendly experience. However, if there is nothing unusual, you won’t be tracked.

Contact information: who should you contact regarding your privacy in Adam4Adam?

Fortunately, you can reach out to Adam4Adam’s technical team. Most concerns can be raised via email. Below are the details of the contact information.

  • Company name: A4A Network Inc
  • Address: 500, place d’Armes suite 1800 Montreal Quebec H2Y 2W2
  • Email:
  • Phone: For USA and Canada: 866-363-0676 or International Calls: 714-907-1029

Can you delete the information you have submitted on Adam4Adam?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is log-in to your account and select your profile (on the left side) from the menu section. Click the ‘Edit’ icon and choose the section you want to edit. After modifying, be sure to click ‘Save’ to execute the changes. You can modify other information except for your username.

Real-life review


Real-life reviews have a way of compelling a prospective user to sign up on the platform. Generally, the site is a viable platform for users intending to find gay relationships. Besides, the value-based features enhance a user’s experience on the website. Users have had both positive and negative reviews when using this platform. It would be best if you read the reviews before making an informed decision. Here are some of the Adam4Adam reviews from previous users.

“What I loved when using the Adam4Adam website is the ease of creating a profile. You do not struggle in setting up your account. The fact that you can switch to the visitor profile when traveling is an impressive feature since you do not have to pay to set up another account. If you are bored, you will enjoy much pleasure on this site – you can stream and watch live performances from other members. You can also rent a movie or watch recorded movies. On the downside, though, there is a need for distinguishing profiles – users should be allowed to add a detail about if you are top or bottom” (Male Chef 29)

“For people looking for serious gay relationships, you might be disappointed if you sign up on this website. When I signed up, I was hoping to meet someone to connect with. Though I made contacts with a few, it is quite disappointing that most of them share sex content and video. Let’s say the platform is more of a sex site than the self-claimed hookup site. If you are looking for sexual content, you might as well be fortunate, unlike me, who wanted a serious commitment. Either way, you can try your chances! Perhaps your experience won’t be like mine” (Jay 33)



As Adam4Adam rewiew says initially, is the leading site for meeting the demands of the gay community. While you must be a premium subscriber to enjoy using the site, there is something you can do on a free plan (you can initiate conversations, like users, and bookmark a user’s profile). When you upgrade, you will likely get access to excellent features like movies, sex shops, join events, and live webcam. Adam4Adam is among the leading gay community gay dating sites.

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