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  • Free and quick signup.
  • Has a vast database with most users interested in sex-related stuff.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Ideal for people with any sexual preferences and kinks.
  • You can explore various fantasies.
  • Users can ask each other about personal details — thus, you can be honest about your intentions.
  • FetLife has value-add-on features you can access by purchasing a subscription plan.
  • You can edit your information at any time.


  • FetLife has an outdated interface.
  • The platform is not streamlined.
  • Premium memberships are automatically renewed.
  • It is difficult to see the face of the person you interact with.
  • You are likely to find bots and scammers.
  • Some features are costly.
  • The app is not accessible to all users.
  • Newcomers may have challenges understanding and navigating the site.
  • There have been several complaints and scandals.

You are likely to encounter people with similar interests on this platform. If BDSM and kinky activities are your go-to thing, you will find your place here. It’s quite difficult to find honest reviews about such services. However, this article has comprehensive information that will help you make an informed decision about FetLife.

FetLife is one of the best dating websites you can ever come across. More than a hookup platform, it is a portal to explore any sexual fantasies. Joining the site is free, and you have a free trial period before you make up your mind. FetLife has attracted several users, like any other social platform. You can find singles and married individuals here.

People are recommended to be cautious when browsing FetLife — there have been some scammers, fake accounts, and fraudster complaints. One feature that makes the FetLife website popular is that it brings like-minded individuals together, enabling them to interact and converse.

FetLife Review


The FetLife website has a black and red color scheme and an outdated interface that makes navigating quite challenging. However, you can make the most out of it because the platform is straightforward. Its functionality is still impressive and will probably distract you from noisy ads.

If you want a personalized experience, it would be best to download the mobile app. It is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The interface is top-notch, as FetLife has a streamlined layout. Users don’t suffer from constant ads when using the application. Either way, both versions are easy to use even for beginners.


FetLife hosts over 7.5 million users worldwide. Most of them are from the United States of America, Canada, and Britain. People must be at least 18 years to sign up. You will mainly come across members aged between 24 and 33. Older visitors can be above 60 years. The male to female ratio is 70:30, so there are more chances of meeting a male partner on FetLife.

But don’t get upset; there is much more to enjoy on the website. Users are looking to explore sexual fantasies and fetish kinks. The platform works as a social network, so you can look for matches in various groups or use the search feature. Messaging is free, which encourages visitors to engage in sensual conversations.

User Profile’s Interface


Signing up on the FetLife website is free and does not take long. However, you must provide your phone number — a verification link will be sent to it. Here is what you will indicate when registering:

  • E-Mail-Adresse
  • Nutzername
  • Geschlecht
  • Sexual preferences
  • Standort
  • Role (master, mistress, or dormant)
  • Interests — kinks and fetishes
  • Birthdate

Though you cannot sign up with social media accounts, you will be required to leave a link to your social media handles. After submitting all the details, respond to several questions to summarize your interests. Thus, you will be suggested suitable groups. If you give accurate information, you are likely to spend less time looking for partners.


Each profile displays a set of activities. There is no mandatory rule for users to have comprehensive accounts. People can also hide them from others or browse FetLife anonymously. A typical FetLife page consists of 6 tabs:

  • Signup info — you can modify any time.
  • The ‘About Me’ section — write a short bio about yourself.
  • Connections — you will find your contacts here.
  • The information you would like other members to view.
  • Upload photos.
  • Upload videos.

Unfortunately, there is no strict rule on uploading pics, as indicated in many FetLife reviews. The chances are that you may not have a clear idea of the person you are interacting with. However, this is a safe provision for people who would prefer to date online without revealing their identity.

Creating a Profile

How to Log out? Is It Easy?

When you need a break from the overwhelming dating journey, it might be time to log out. In the navigation bar, select Settings and click on Logout. The next time you log in, you must enter your username and password. When you log out, FetLife users can:

  • Access and view your page.
  • See your photos and bio.
  • Check your latest updates and people who follow you.
  • Initiate conversations with you.

How Long Does It Take to Activate Your FetLife Account?

You do not have to wait for days or hours before your account is activated. During the signup process, you must specify your phone number. Confirmation code is sent, which you must submit for you to start using FetLife. As soon as you are done, you are free to browse FetLife — you don’t have to wait any longer. If you logged out, you would be required to log in again by typing your password.

How to Delete a Profile?

You can easily deactivate your account on the FetLife website. When you request to do so, it will be pending for at least seven days. If you change your mind within these seven days, you can restore it. Only after the seven days will your account be deleted permanently. Your data, however, will be kept on the server for one month. You should know that you cannot undo the deactivating action. To delete your page, follow these steps:

  • Click on the navigation bar in the right corner.
  • Select Update Settings.
  • Click Delete/Deactivate the Account from the pop-up window.
  • Type your password and confirm.

How to Bring Your Page to the Top?

The best way to make your page popular is to complete it and indicate as many details as possible. However, this is not a viable remedy since every user can do the same. Nonetheless, you can purchase a premium plan. The technical team will place a sexy badge on your profile. This action highlights your page in the search results of other members.

Can FetLife Restrict Minors From Viewing Profiles?

There is no provision for restricting minors from accessing your profile. It would be best to block those who make you feel uncomfortable.

Changing Your Name on FetLife

Users can edit their information on the FetLife website at any time. To change your name, select settings on the homepage. In your account info, click Change the Username. You should always check if the name you select has been picked by another person to avoid confusion. You can also contact the support team (caretakers@fetlife.com) to help you edit your details.

Changing Your Name on FetLife

How to Hide Your Page on FetLife?

There are two ways to hide your page. You can deactivate it or block particular individuals so that they cannot approach you. This way, you only interact with people you like.

How to Upload Another Avatar on FetLife?

Since you have the option of uploading as many photos as you want, you can change your profile picture. Select your account in the settings and click on the profile picture. Upload a new one and confirm the action.


FetLife has many perks that make the platform interesting. Here is what members get to enjoy when using dating sites.

  • Blog section— it has a lot of topics that users can read. You can access it by clicking the Kinky and Popular tab for content on various topics. Everyone can view this information for informative purposes.
  • Fetishes — since FetLife is a BDSM platform, it incorporates the fetish motif. In this section, you can view different videos; it is a must-watch for new users who love such content. There are at least 60 fetish videos demonstrating light and experienced BDSM practices.
  • Chat — though you can interact with other members at no cost, you would want to try the chat feature. It allows users to communicate with each other by asking questions, sharing videos, pictures, and audios. This section is important if you want to engage in private conversations, especially with a potential partner.
  • Video — instead of getting regular photos that you can view on other platforms, FetLife has a video section. To watch the videos, you must have a premium membership plan. Most videos feature adult content; think twice before diving in. Members can also share videos in private or group chats. In a way, private video chats establish trust.
  • Events — if you are looking forward to meeting people with similar interests, FetLife could sort you out. Several events provide a place for FetLife’s members to meet. Such events include concerts and adult fetish festivals. Participants are notified of any upcoming event.
  • Share — more than interacting and connecting. Users can exchange information and discuss personal ideas, sexual interests, fetish desires, and fantasies.
  • Discussions — you will see different topics that other users are debating. You can also be part of the forum and express your ideas. Here, you are likely to find your match.
  • Communities and groups — since signing up on the site is free, you will come across different users. Instead of browsing through thousands of them, you should give information that will be used to characterize you. This way, you are matched only with like-minded people.
  • Browser and mobile versions — sign up via the website or mobile applications.
  • Anonymity — members can connect and interact without revealing their identities.
  • Follow — rather than inviting other people, you can use the ‘follow’ icon. This allows you to follow them and get regular updates on their activities on FetLife. Mainly, you will watch those considered famous on the site, such as the most active visitors and porn stars.

FetLife reviews say that these perks make the platform perfect for any dating journey. Users can get involved in socializing, networking, and dating. Besides, you can watch videos related to all kinds of fetish kinks. Most of these FetLife tools can be accessed only when you purchase a subscription plan.

Special Features


Users have a free seven-day free trial period. Once it expires, you must purchase a subscription. Though the platform calls them support/donations, the FetLife review considers it a subscription plan. You can pay via direct debit, credit card, bank transfer, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, and GiroPay. You can choose from:

  • Six months — pay 30 USD
  • One year — pay 60 USD
  • Two years — pay 120 USD (lifetime support)

Browsing for free, users can:

  • Sign up
  • Browse and view profiles
  • Participate in discussions
  • Interact and chat
  • Fotos hochladen
  • Write and read blogs
  • Join groups and communities
  • Send and receive unlimited messages

A subscription allows you to:

  • Watch videos with adult content
  • View the best photos and videos
  • Receive excellent customer support
  • Get a sexy profile badge on your account
  • High ranking in search results

All in all, FetLife can be browsed for free. However, the support/donations from users are required after the trial period ends.


FetLife has average safety provisions that allow members to enjoy their dating experience. Your information cannot be shared with others, as well as people, who use indexing sites such as Google, cannot track you. Everything is encrypted so that only you can access it unless a court order is issued against you.

Users are cautioned against sharing details that can jeopardize their safety. FetLife has a set of privacy policies that each person should go through and abide by. In case you face any safety threats, contact the support team for them to take appropriate actions. The technical support team is willing to help FetLife members if they have privacy, safety, and security issues.

The platform also uses the data provided by people to establish its features’ effectiveness. If you are uncomfortable about sharing the info, you can ignore this section. Even when making payments, you are billed directly, and you have to confirm the amount for the first time.

Nonetheless, everyone is protected and can use FetLife without feeling paranoid that their details might be used for fraudulent activities. Users can also deactivate or delete their profiles at any time.

Does FetLife Encrypt the Chats?

Like most competitors, FetLife encrypts its chats. Encryption is done via HTTPS, ensuring that your data is safe. This strategy prevents third parties from accessing your content. The information is also backed up daily so that you don’t struggle to find it. You can even download it via a data export interface.

Can FetLife Track You Down?

You can be tracked by your IP address. This is a provision for safety against fraudulent users. Therefore, you should not be worried about being tracked down unless your motives are to hurt others.

However, people who do not wish to be tracked can select the ‘Do Not Track’ option when signing up. This restricts the technical team from monitoring your activity on social sites. No one is permitted to access your personal details for whatever reason.

FetLife Review: Contact Information

If you have concerns regarding your privacy, here is the contact information of the FetLife website:

  • Company name: BitLove Inc
  • Address: 718-333 Brooksbank Avenue
  • Phone: 833 248-5683
  • Email: support@nextsepmedia.nl or privacy@fetlife.com

Can You Edit Information Submitted?

Fortunately, users can edit and modify the information submitted on the platform at any time. There is no limit on how many times you can do that. Be sure that you don’t disclose something that could compromise your freedom.


Before signing up, you should find out the real experiences of people who have used the service. Check some of the FetLife reviews:

  • Design and usability:FetLife has a seamless interface where people can navigate without difficulties. If you are stuck and confused, you can read the FAQ section, which has tips on how the platform works.
  • Affordability:the site is relatively cheap compared to its alternatives.
  • Outdated interface: this is a common complaint. There is a lot that has to be done to improve its functionality.
  • Several bots, scammers, and fake profiles can be found on FetLife. The technical team must work on getting rid of fake accounts.
  • Several allegations have been raised against the platform. Some time back, there was an incident when FetLife’s user was kidnapped (a case brought up in an Illinois court and is under investigation). Fraudulent activities have also been reported — predators have preyed on innocent users and taken advantage of them. Children have also been exposed to pornographic material — most FetLife videos cover adult content.

Here is what other users are saying:

As far as I am concerned, FetLife is an excellent dating site for kinky dating. You get two services on one platform; a social network site and a dating platform. The low budget makes it a convenient service for most users.

The site has multiple users — you are likely to find people that you can interact and explore fantasies with. Everything is impressive, and you can check informative topics of discussions and contribute.


If you are interested in fetish and wild sex fantasies, you might consider signing up on FetLife. The impressive thing is that you can get multiple benefits — networking and hookups, all at low prices. Users can join groups, participate in discussions, and watch videos with wildest sexual fetishes. The platform has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate.

People who love BDSM sites may find FetLife impressive. If you love events, you can participate in some to meet with other participants. You can add as many friends as you wish and chat without limitations.

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