Match Review

Match Review


Active Audience81%
Quality Matches89%
Popular Age18-36
Profiles2 875 000
Reply Rate87%
Ease of Use9.2
FraudVery Rarely



  • It has a significant database with a global presence (more than 25 countries);
  • Users can get compatible matches daily updates;
  • Multiple advanced search features;
  • You can express interest through several features such as winks, bookmarking, liking, and yes-rating;
  • Several positive reviews from users who have been successful at finding their Match;
  • You can contact the technical team throughout the week for support;
  • Match has several events users can join for unwinding;
  • Signing up is easy;
  • Navigating the interface is straightforward;
  • You can exclude singles from your search results;
  • You can know when a person reads your message via email notification;
  • Users can enjoy their experience using premium features;
  • You can use the website or mobile application;
  • You can edit your information as often as you want.


  • Sending and replying messages is limited to premium membership;
  • Users without subscription plans might be distracted from several ads;
  • Some genuine users complained that their accounts were blocked when getting rid of fake profiles;
  • There is no simple way of establishing premium members; you can send a message to a free subscriber who might not have access to it unless he subscribes;
  • Viewing of profiles is limited to premium subscribers;
  • You could spend a lot of time scanning through features, matches, and choices;
  • Only users with a paid membership can access and use the privacy mode feature.

Match dating site is one of the ideal transsexual dating sites because of its impressive interaction features. The platform has been a leading site for more than two decades. Many users have found casual dates and even long-term commitments. Over the years, the site has attracted a substantial database with over 20 million subscribers. Unlike competitor platforms, you can be sure to find several hookups and even relationships that can lead to marriage.

Match’s idea was founded in 1993 but later launched in 1995 as a dating platform. Users across the globe have accessed and signed up for membership. An impressive feature of the platform is that you are guaranteed to find a partner if you have a comprehensive profile and subscribe to a premium membership. Notably, if you fail to find a match, there is a guarantee for a refund after six months of trial.

There have been other claims of successful relationships. On the downside, some users have complained of poor technical support and even blocking of real members. How valid are these claims? Finding the sites honest review can be challenging. However, you can read this article (Match review) to understand its costs, pros, registration process, and other features.

Match Review


Match website has a seamless interface featuring a blue and white color. You can easily navigate the website’s version even when you are not a tech expert. The features are user-friendly as they are outlined separately on the homepage. These features include:

  • Search box
  • Menu stripe
  • Discover
  • Events
  • Likes

Notifications: messages, user-profile suggestions, winks, connections, favorites, likes, and messages

Match has a mobile application for both Android and iOS users. On the downside, the app’s interface is not seamless. Navigating might be complicated for most users. There is a lot to be done to improve the app’s usability. It will help if you prefer the website version over the app.

Match Review


Your profile should always be comprehensive and reflect the best attributes of you. Setting up your profile should be one of the main focus as it is what potential partners look at before contacting you.

Each profile can be detailed or shallow as you are free to include what is suitable for you. The profile builder feature, however, will necessitate that you submit more information. The profile features photos (maximum of 26), your interests, and a descriptive bio. The profile also includes attributes of the prospective partner.

The profile also features a percentage of compatible matches based on the details you submit. A user-profile also reflects your interests and the attributes you are looking for in an ideal partner. If you view a profile suggestion, you can also view what you share in common. While on the same, you can view three other suggestions similar to the current user profile.

Notably, most of the subscribers are from the United States. There is significant user activity on the Match website. You are likely to find more females at 55% versus a male database of 45%. You can find users across all ages, with most users within the age bracket of 25 and 35. The youngest member can be aged 18, while the oldest can be above 60. Most users, especially those on a premium plan, are looking for serious commitments. This increases the chances of finding compatible partners in the shortest time possible.

Match Review


It takes a few minutes to sign up on Match. The process is straightforward and quick because of the profile builder feature. To register:

  • Provide a valid email address
  • Enter the year of birth
  • Select your country and state
  • Identify your gender
  • Select your sexual orientation
  • Enter a username and a password

After submitting the above details, users are directed to the profile builder feature, which aids in having a comprehensive profile. You will include other details such as height, relationship status, body built, and other preferences. These details help significantly in finding compatible matches. It would help if you included as much information as you can.

Match review established that you will also have to include an ‘About Me’ section. This section is more like your bio. It tells other prospective matches who you are. This can be the striking point for potential partners to find you. After this, you must upload a profile picture. Upon completion, you will have your profile activated and log in to explore matches and other features.

Match’s profile can have additional information. These include:

  • Multiple choice sections – primary language, political views, occupation, astrological sign, and exercising habits.
  • The write about section – favorite things, previous colleges, interests, favorite sports, and hobbies.
  • Pets – if you own one, you can include a description if you prefer.
  • Bucket list – includes what you intend to achieve such as, finding the ideal partner, reduce or add weight, and learn how to play a particular instrument.
Match Review


When you get on the homepage and click sign in, you will be required to provide an email address, a username, and a password. Setting up your profile should take not more than 30 minutes of your time. The profile builder helps you in setting an ideal profile by giving the relevant responses to each section.

It always helps when your profile features essential details and attributes to increase the chances of finding a partner. As much as possible, spend more time setting up your profile if you are serious about your search. However, when on a free membership, you may fall victim to scams and fake profiles when using Match. It would be best to upgrade to a premium subscription.

Match Review: How can you log out?

When you feel like logging out, you can do this easily on both versions: website and app. Click the menu, which has different sections. Select the settings button on the Match homepage and then click sign out. The next time you log in, you would be required to submit a password to verify authenticity.

How long does it take to activate an account

One of the impressive features on Match is the duration it takes to activate your account. There is no verification process, such as a link to set up your account. Immediately after you submit your email, username, and password; you can start using the platform. Make sure to build your profile and make it as comprehensive as you can since these details determine how soon you can find matches.

How can you delete Match’s account?

It is common for users to want to opt-out of a dating platform. Whatever your reasons are, Match review can help you cancel your membership on the website or app.

To cancel membership on the website:

  • Go to the homepage and access the ‘menu’ button
  • Select settings
  • Scroll and select the change or cancel membership feature
  • If you are deleting your profile, you will have to re-enter your password (for verification)
  • Confirm cancelation (this option removes your profile from Match’s database)

To delete Match’s account on Android:

  • Launch the app on your device.
  • On the menu icon, select settings.
  • Click profile visibility and click ‘hidden.’
  • Open Google Play Store from your home screen.
  • On the menu icon, select ‘account.’
  • Select subscriptions.
  • Click cancel and the ‘yes’ action to confirm.

To delete your profile on iOS:

  • Open the app
  • Click the ‘menu’ icon
  • Tap settings
  • Click profile visibility
  • Select ‘hidden’ if you want to hide your profile

Users should be sure of which action they want to take. Deleting an account means that you will not access Match’s platform. However, if you cancel membership via the app, you can still access the website and continue enjoying Match’s services.

Noteworthy, your profile can still appear on Match’s database for at least one year before it is pulled down. It is almost difficult to delete your profile without the help of the support team. However, if you successfully delete the account, it will take a year to be free from its membership and accessibility. This way, you can contact the support team if you wish to use the site once more.

How can you highlight your profile?

Going through Match reviews, you realize that some members have been impressed by the idea that you can highlight your profile. When your profile is highlighted, it means that you can feature in many search results. A profile with a highlight has a unique color and gives the first impression to prospective matches. Though a comprehensive profile can feature in top results, the only effective way to highlight your profile is to purchase a subscription plan.

Who can view your profile on Match? Are there restrictions?

From the Match reviews, it is possible to exclude particular people from viewing your profile. For instance, if you don’t want members above 50 years to access and view your profile, you can restrict them in the settings section. This feature is like a privacy policy for users who do not wish to be bothered by members within a particular age. However, you can only access and use it when on value-added-on membership.

How to change your username on Match

Every dating site’s effectiveness is subject to a descriptive username. Prospective users can sign up on the Match website using their first names. But what happens when you don’t like the current username? Unlike other hookup sites, Match has a provision for its users to change their usernames as often as possible.

You can change your username using these four steps:

  • Through the ‘Match dashboard,’ go to account settings.
  • Click the ‘sign up information’ section, provide your birthday (for security purposes).
  • Select change username- make sure it is your nickname or first name. Though you can choose any name, ensure that it is not your last name or a pet name as this risks you to lose your profile.
  • When done, click continue to save the changes.

Can you hide your profile on Match?

One of the privacy features of Match’s users enjoys the provision to hide your profile. When you hide your profile, you deny or limit access to particular people. It is more like the ‘blocking feature’ on other dating sites, though Match has a ‘block feature.’ To hide your profile, go to the website’s or app’s homepage and select settings. Select manage membership. There you can click hide and tick the applicable section.

Change your profile picture on Match

Match allows you to add 25 photos to your profile. You can directly add via Facebook or upload it from your phone or PC. Users can change their profiles at any time. Click settings and view profile settings. Click a picture and confirm to make it the profile picture. You can also click change picture, and you will be directed to select from your gallery on the platform or your phone.

Match Review


Both Match website and app has unique features. Here are its special features:

  • Match system – it would take you at least 30 minutes to have a comprehensive profile. Using the profile builder guide, you get to submit as much information as possible. The details you submit help to get more compatible matches.
  • Discover segment – helps you search for people within particular regions or a specific lifestyle.
  • Multiple ways to sign in – you can use Facebook or other social media accounts to sign in.
  • Several interaction features – includes winks, favorites, likes, messages, emails, and yes-ratings.
  • Reverse match system – you can view profiles of members with similar attributes.
  • Mutual Match – lists user profiles that are compatible with the current profile.
  • The boost feature – highlights your profile for a limited time but at a cost – one hour costs $2.49 while premium subscribers enjoy the boost feature for one month.
  • Events – Match has a series of events that its users can enjoy and unwind from online dating frustration.
  • AskMatch – Match has a provision for its users to consult with an expert for guidance and advice.
  • Refund policy – users have a refund guarantee if they do not get a partner.
  • Mobile app – users who prefer using the app are lucky as you can download it from Google Play Store or iOS.
  • Singled out – this feature gives you daily compatible matches based on the details of your profile.
  • New user highlights – it helps you to access compatible matches who recently signed up.
  • A user-friendly interface – users love how navigating the site is straightforward.
  • Newsfeed – it filters and reflects everything you need to know about the Match website.


When you want to make the most out of Match, it will help if you purchased a subscription plan. You get to enjoy many features that you cannot access when on a free membership. With free access, a member can:

  • You can browse profiles and matches
  • Receive daily suggestions for compatible matches
  • Create a profile
  • Feature in search results
  • Add photos
  • Send likes to other users

After the trial period (three days) elapses, you find it essential to purchase a subscription plan. Some users consider the prices as costly compared to competitor brands. The site has several subscription plans; standard and premium. Note that the costs are regularly updated – it would help if you checked with the website. You can select either of the following plans:

  • One month at 35.99 USD
  • Three months at 59.97 USD
  • Six months at 107.94 USD
  • Twelve months at 191.88 USD

Payments can be made via PayPal or credit cards. It would be best to know that the subscription plans renew automatically after expiry. You can always cancel a subscription by going through the settings. Here are features you can get when you purchase a plan:

Match Review

Send emails to prospective partners

  • Reply to messages sent by other members
  • See who viewed and liked your profile
  • Exclude some members from accessing and viewing your profile
  • Get details about Match’s events
  • Be notified via email if a potential match read your message
  • Your profile will be highlighted
  • Profile monthly boost
  • Match’s support team does an annual profile review


Most users do not want to sign up on a site that has no security or safety provisions. Fortunately, Match has several safety measures. You can contact the support team if you face any security threats. Users also have the option of blocking aggressive users. You can also hide your profile from other members to limit people who view you.

Are Match chats encrypted?

Match reviews indicate that you can encrypt your chats to enhance your security. This feature reduces the chances of someone accessing your information and conversations.

Can match track you down?

Match’s moderators can track your activity on the platform. This strategy is to prevent fake users and scammers from accessing or disturbing other members. Match also tracks its users to moderate the interactions and ensure that there is no aggression.

Contacting Match support team

It will help if you read the FAQ section to understand how Match works. If you cannot find what you are looking for and have other concerns, you can contact Match’s technical team. You can do this via email, and someone will get back to you. The section ‘contact us’ on the homepage allows you to reach out to Match’s technical team.

Is it easy to delete information about your profile?

Fortunately, Match allows you to delete or change the information you already submitted. However, it would help if you are accurate and precise with the information you delete or edit. Sometimes, it is the reason why some users are banned from the site as it is considered a suspicious activity or a safety threat.


Arguably, Match is one of the impressive dating sites with a wide database across the globe. Some users have found possible matches and made long-term commitments. On the downside, some users have complained about incurring extra expenses (deducted from the automatic subscription plans). There have been claims of being banned from using the site without explanations.


Match has excellent features compared to competitor platforms. If you are looking for serious commitments, you can be sure to find several partners provided that you purchase a subscription plan. Going through Match reviews, you can tell that it is one of the most reliable transsexual dating sites.

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