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  • Easily accessible via web and mobile app
  • You can create a profile by linking your Facebook account
  • Anyone can reply to messages sent via mail
  • The site has a variety of users
  • All user photos are verified
  • You can use multiple languages on the site
  • It has an innate interface
  • You can find all types of sexual preferences
  • Users can earn coins and use them on the platform –you can boost your visibility
  • Excellent customer support


  • If you are looking for members above 35 years, you might be disappointed.
  • Profiles are not comprehensive
  • Quite costly
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed
  • Not ideal for people looking for serious commitments
  • Messaging is a paid feature
  • Limited search options
Zoosk Reviews

Which dating site is right for you?

Zoosk is one of the platforms that you can resort to if you are looking for casual dates and hookups. The platform has attracted a significant following of over 45 million users globally. For more than 12 years, the Zoosk website has provided a platform for people with similar interests to find partners. The hookup site supports more than 25 languages.

The impressive feature about this dating site is that it has a unique matchmaking functionality. The two features, Dating Insights, and SmartPick, aid in the matchmaking process. Zoosk became popular and was even ranked by The Wall Street Journal, The Next Big Thing. The platform has proved to be ideal for unique matchmaking. To find out how it works, it would help if you read the review.

Zoosk Reviews


Zoosk can be accessed via the mobile application and downloaded via Google Play Store, App Store, or Amazon.com. It has a user-friendly interface, and users can connect seamlessly. If you want to contact someone, you can access contacting features on the left. On the right side of the homepage is the menu tab.

For information about your profile, you can check it on the menu. You can also check for subscriptions by accessing the menu icon. Besides the menu, you can see the chat icon. You can also see notifications when you click the ‘bell’ icon.

Though the icons and features on the hookup site are well organized, it would be best to upgrade the interface. Nonetheless, the interface is functional, and you can still make the most out of this platform. 

Zoosk Reviews


At least two million users access the hookup site daily. You are likely to find more women than men, but proportional; the ratio is 55% (males) to 45 % (women). Most users are from the United States of America, and the majority are looking for serious relationships. Users are within ages 23 to 34 –you can still find users within other age brackets.

All profiles are verified when signing up. However, as typical with dating sites, you can find bots and fake profiles. When you sign up, you can look for matches. Free members can only send flirt pings (heart or smile) and browse for members. 

The searching icon is the first tab on Zoosk’s menu. When you click the icon, you get several matches based on your profile. The basic search allows you to see at least 28 user-profiles and covers users within your location and the age bracket. You can also use the advanced search feature to look for more members. You can also view users who are online simultaneously as you by clicking ‘Online now.’

Zoosk Reviews

Zoosk reviews indicate the platform has unique matching systems; Carousel, Dating Insights, and SmartPick. Look at how each of the matching systems works:

  • Carousel- this functionality connects users with similar interests. It is categorized into three segments; play, interest, and mutual. Users get a user-profile of a person at a particular age. You are asked if you would wish to meet the person. If interested, a notification is sent to the other user for possible interaction. If the other user agrees to meet you, the system refers to it as a mutual match. The feature has a functionality known as an instant crush, where both of you show a mutual liking.
  • SmartPick: it is a behavioral technique that works by analyzing your possible matches and matches you with similar profiles. When you select the heart icon, you will express interest in the other person. If you click X, that profile won’t be displayed to you again. This feature uses the information you provide concerning user profiles by giving you survey questions. The survey has items, such as who would you date (divorcee, smoker, someone with a child, or particular religions and ethnicities)
  • Dating insights: has search results based on your pattern on searching. The matches are mainly automated, and you will get regular updates based on Carousel and SmartPick.

You can only message another member if you have a paid subscription.


Signing up on Zoosk is easy and straightforward; it takes less than five minutes. You can sign up through Facebook, browser, Android, and iOS. After registering, you must create a free user account- you will do the following:

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your birth year
  • Select gender and your preference
  • City’s zip code (auto-detected)
  • Upload photos (can be from Google or Facebook)
  • About me section
  • Confirm your account
  • Get browsing

First-time users get a verification code via email or text. To modify any details, you can click ‘My profile’ –a comprehensive profile features you among top results. You are also likely to receive more matches based on the ‘about me’ section.

Zoosk Reviews


When you set a profile, your photos will be verified through the Zoosk app. Verification of photos reduces the chances of finding scam on the hookup site. Profiles can be seen by anyone and can also show gifts. According to Zoosk review, you can tell a user’s interests based on their profile.

Most profiles are complete, and you can tell the attributes of the profile you are viewing. You can view as many things on a user profile, and you can easily tell who the person you are viewing is a compatible match or not. Your user account should have a profile photo, have a bio, and include your interests.

How Do I Log-out

When you log-out, you will be required to submit your password the next time you log in. To log-out, go to the menu icon, select settings, click account status, and select log-out. 

How Long To Activate Account

After you send the verification code, you will start using your account immediately. You can start accessing the platform provided your photo, and the account is verified. When you make payments to access special features, the activation will be instant unless otherwise.

How To Delete Account

Deleting an account implies that you will permanently use your data and membership. However, you can reactivate your account in the future if you wish to, but you will not receive prior benefits.

To deactivate your Zoosk account on the browse:

  • On the homepage, login to your account
  • Click on the dashboard (on your name)
  • Click account settings
  • On the account status icon, tap edit
  • Tap deactivate
  • To complete the action, confirm by clicking deactivate Zoosk account

To deactivate your account on the app:

  • Go to the app and login
  • On the menu section, click ‘account’ (near your username)
  • On your account settings, click the pencil icon and select account status
  • Click close account
  • Select deactivate and follow the prompts

How To Make A Profile Top

The only straightforward way to highlight your profile is by earning coins or purchase a subscription plan. This way, your profile visibility will feature in top search results. You are also likely to find compatible matches effortlessly. 

Can Zoosk Put Age Limits On Who Can See Your Profile

Unfortunately, there is no option to limit the age of users who can see your profile. Probably, you could block some users so that they cannot access your profile. Better yet, in your bio section, be sure to mention the age of people you would like to meet. This way, you are better off getting matches within the preferred age. 

Is It Easy To Change Your Username On Zoosk

Changing and editing your information depends on the platform that you are using to access the hookup site.

To change your name on the browser:

  • Login to your account and select your name
  • Click ‘My Profile.’
  • Click on the username to change it –you can also edit any other information at this point.

On the mobile app:

  • Log-in and select the menu icon
  • Tap your nickname
  • Choose edit name and change as desired

Zoosk Reviews: Can You Hide Your Profile On Zoosk

If you want to take a break from the Zoosk website, you can do that without difficulties. When you hide your account, your profile will not be accessible to others. You also cannot receive messages from other users. However, paid subscribers will still have their accounts active.

To hide your profile when using on the website:

  • On the homepage, login to your account
  • On the right corner of the homepage, select your name
  • Click account settings
  • Click edit
  • Tap ‘pause’ account and follow the prompts

To hide your profile on the mobile app:

  • Login to the app
  • Click the menu icon
  • Click settings
  • Select account 
  • On account status, click pause account and follow the instructions

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture On Zoosk

Changing your profile on the Zoosk website is straightforward. To edit your profile picture:

  • Login to your account and select your name
  • Click ‘My Profile.’
  • Click on the profile picture to change it –you can also edit any other information.
Zoosk Reviews


From Zoosk reviews, here is what makes the hookup site exceptional.

  • Coins: virtual coins are earned and help boost your profile visibility. They also enhance users’ experience on the platform. You can use the coins to see who viewed your profile. You can also purchase virtual gifts and send them to another member. Members who earn coins can use them to send more messages and receive email notifications of compatible matches. You can earn them by actively participating on the platform. 
  • Carousel: it is a unique feature that allows users to explore adventure by viewing other profiles. You can show interest in the users. 
  • SmartPick: selects several matches and sends it to you. If interested, you can start connecting.
  • Dating Insights: it is a matching algorithm that collects your profile interests and compiles compatible matches. It compiles profiles with similar interests and members that you are likely to attract. 
  • Connections: when you send likes or bookmark a user’s profile, that person becomes your connection. If he or she is interested, you can start interacting. 
  • Super send: this feature allows you to flirt with several members at once. 
  • Boost: highlights your profile’s visibility
  • Wink: this feature allows you to initiate conversations without a subscription. 
  • Match: when users mutually like each other, they become a match. 
  • Messaging suggestions: if you are stuck on how to start a conversation, messaging tips can help. However, you can only access message suggestions if you are a premium member.
  • Unique profiles: Users have the freedom to choose what they wish to have on their profiles. You can have a comprehensive profile. You might as well have the necessary details only, which limits the chances of finding someone.
  • Questionnaire section: users have the opportunity to ask other members about particular ideas. This feature allows you to know someone better as you get to establish a user’s interests. 
  • Notifications: the bell icon has live updates 
  • Add-on features: these features allow you to have an excellent experience while using the platform.
  • Safety provisions: when using Zoosk, you can be sure to get excellent customer support. 
  • Standard plan: prospective users sign up can browse and view profiles at no cost. 
  • You can flirt, bookmark a profile, and find a match using the Carousel feature.
  • Hide and seek: users have full control of their profiles. You can hide your account or seek (allows you to inform other people that you viewed their profile) and sneak (you can view a profile anonymously.
Zoosk Reviews


For a better experience, you must purchase a premium plan. This way, you can get access to the best features and have a seamless connection. From the Zoosk review, you can tell that the prices keep fluctuating. It would be best to check with the platform for the latest updates. Nevertheless, you can choose from the following plans:

  • One month at 29.99 USD
  • Three months at 59.99 USD
  • Six months at 74.99 USD

Usually, the longer the subscription duration, the cheaper the plan. The platform is relatively affordable compared to competitor brands. You can pay via credit card, money transfer, and debit card. Notably, Zoosk has another provision for uncomfortable users or cannot afford to purchase a premium package. The plan, commonly known as Zoosk’s coins, allows users to access the features limited to premium subscribers. Users earn virtual coins and use them in interacting on the platform. 

To earn the digital coins:

  • Be an active user
  • Add friends to your connection
  • Recommend the platform to prospective users
  • Connect your social media account

You can use the coins to:

  • Send virtual gifts, such as flowers, berries, and chocolates to other users
  • Connect with matches via email
  • Sende Nachrichten
  • Markieren Sie Ihr Profil

Free subscribers can:

  • Register and create a profile
  • Send hearts and smiles
  • Use the matchmaking feature, carousel
  • Browse and view profiles

Fee-based subscribers can:

  • Sende Nachrichten
  • Receive SmartPicks
  • Browse anonymously
  • See who likes you
  • Customize your profile
  • Boost the profile’s visibility
  • Receive dating insights and get an instant crush
  • Use the super send feature
  • Premium messaging
  • Hide and seek features


Though some of Zoosk reviews indicate safety concerns, you can be sure that your privacy is a priority. There is a strict verification process when signing up, ensuring that everyone who accesses the platform is genuine. If you do not go through this process, you may not access the platform. Though this happens, you can find fake profiles- probably from accounts that have been on the platform for a while. However, Zoosk’s technical team has routine screening to establish each profile’s uniqueness. 

There have been incidences of users being scammed or victims of fraudulent activities. You must be cautious about sharing sensitive information with third parties. Users have the option of blocking a member if they feel threatened. Better yet, you can report a member for any misconduct. Such users might be warned or banned from using the Zoosk website. Every user is expected to adhere to privacy policies, enhancing the safety of each member.

Are Zoosk Chats Encrypted

Yes. There is no way other people can access your chats when using the platform. Your chats are encrypted using HTTPS technology. 

Can Zoosk Track You Down

It depends on your activity on the platform. If you are a nuisance or a threat to others’ safety, you can be tracked down through your IP address. However, when everything is okay, you cannot be tracked down.

Contact Information: Who Should You Contact Regarding Privacy In Zoosk

For concerns and any inquiries, you can contact Zoosk via email. The contact info is:

Company: Zoosk Inc

Address: San Francisco, California, USA

Phone: (888) 939-6675

Email: support@zoosk.com or press@zoosk.com 

Can You Delete The Information You Have Already Submitted On Zoosk?

It is possible to change the information you submit on the platform. To modify your details:

  • Login to your account
  • Click the menu section
  • Select profile
  • Tap the section you want to edit, such as username or bio
  • Click save
Zoosk Reviews


Before signing up, it would help if you know what other users say. There have been several positive reviews concerning the Zoosk website. Such positive reviews can authenticate the legitimacy of these hookup sites. There have been success stories of users meeting and had long-term relationships. 

Most users love the platform because of its unique matchmaking system and affordability. Profiles are also verified to ensure that there are no bots or fake profiles. Here is a review from one of the users.

After searching for online hookup sites, I finally landed Zoosk. After signing up, I must admit that this was the best decision I ever made. After enjoying the free plan, it was time for me to upgrade. Fortunately, I have had several compatible matches, and I must admit I am happy about it. I have gone to three dates with three different ladies. I am planning to go on another date. Without a doubt, Zoosk is what I have been looking for. I have a good feeling about registering on Zoosk. Al 27.


Going through the review, you can understand that Zoosk is a viable option for people who intend to find casual hookups. The interesting bit is that you can sign up and start using the website for free. Furthermore, you can access more features when you opt for a premium membership. Since the site has a large database, you are sure to find someone regardless of your interests. You can access the platform via the browser or mobile application.

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