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  • People of different sexual orientations can easily be a part of the Fling.com website and fulfill their sexual desires.
  • Fling.com is extremely popular and an enormous family of around 50 million flingers. Fling.com website is a sexual paradise for the ones interested in all kinds of fun and adult activities.
  • Fling.com supports live streaming sessions for a premium experience and has a video chat option to induce excitement among fellow flingers.
  • Fling.com comes with a cheap and reasonable one-day trial offer.
  • Fling.com website has an advanced search engine that helps the flingers to find potential partners based on their criteria and expectations.


  • The website is not readily available in all countries that limit its extensions globally.
  • Almost all the communication tools and other features bear a particular cost. This cost can be a disadvantage, but the paid features are premium features, and they come with security factors.
  • Fling.com observes male dominance when it comes to the user registration that affects the male to female ratio.
  • The user interface and website appearance of the website are not that attractive and look quite decent.

Fling.com is one of the largest online adult dating and hookup sites. Fling.com website turns out to be a great source of attraction to all those sexually charged up people who are willing to indulge in various sexual and fun activities like no strings attached, hookups, and enjoy virtual sexual pleasures. It provides a perfect platform for all those desperate to explore their sexuality and hunt down other partners with similar interests. It also favors several group activities as well as online chatting options.

The flingers can even use the video calling feature. It never compromises the security and authenticity of the services they provide to their members. Customer satisfaction is at the utmost priority, and all the flingers have the complete freedom to express their sexual desires. The users who register on this site are mostly looking for casual dating or hookups rather than serious relationships. The various features and the game and the video chatting help the user find their flingers quite smoothly and have a pleasant time on the Fling.com website.

Fling.com Review

Fling.com satisfies the desires of all those who demand it when they register to be a part of this sensuous experience. They can search for anything, whether it is a one-night stand or summertime fun. The website was created and designed in the year 2006 by Global Personals Media. Also, the website is said to be the World’s Best Free Casuals Dating site. The Fling.com website currently consists of around three million users worldwide, where the mass users are found to be from the US, Russia, and Australia.

There are almost over 100,000 users located active weekly. The gender proportion of men and women in percentage is 70% and 30%, respectively. The members’ average age using the Fling.com website is between the age group of 30 to 35 years of age. As it is a dating site, it is strictly prohibited for students below 18 to use the website. There is no age limitation apart from this. It is applicable for old age group members too.

The website is very proud of them, especially when it comes to flinging, as there are mainly focused on friendly sex and hookups. A feature is provided by the Fling.com website where the users can gather and can experience all types of sex and can fulfill their sexual desires, whether it is showing their naked bodies to the other users or strangers to experimenting with various sex such as group sex, couple swinging, BDSM. Not only can this, but the users also discuss their sexuality without even being judged and can find their taste and choice partners.

The actual focus of the website is on flings and hookups and not on serious relationships. Therefore, it is not meant for people who are looking for a serious relationship. However, the case is different if anybody develops feelings for their friends with benefits or friendly fling. Here is a detailed Fling.com review of the website, including the pricing structure and everything the user should know before entering.

Fling.com Review


The interface of the website is quite appealing and inherent. The easy interface helps the user surf through the website in an efficient manner and find out all the options they can exploit. The website developers have made it a note to make this site not rumpled and instead create a user-friendly environment. The website’s main page answers all the questions and doubts a user may have in his/her mind. Despite the site being a hookup website, it has a Report abuse button that a user can access in case of emergency or inconvenience.

There are notification pop-ups that help the user when they surf through the page smoothly. The user can filter their search based on the traits they wish. If one does not want to see inappropriate pictures, then they can opt for the Safe Mode that allows the users to have a filtered set of pictures on their feed.

The website is beautifully and perfectly designed, where almost everything is straightforward and is in place. There is no complexity found in using the website. The website keeps the thing accessible and is well-organized, which also makes it easy-to-use. However, the Fling.com website does not follow the algorithm of matching. The user can also switch to safe mode if they have children around them or don’t want to see the explicit content. The website does not own any mobile application and can be accessed using browsers.

Fling.com Review


The Fling.com website offers quite a few free features to its users. These free features include signing up, creating a profile, playing games like “Who is cute”, and having access to who has visited and liked the user profile. One can always choose to utilize the special features by just upgrading them to the different memberships available. These paid features can help the user to have a better hang of the Fling.com website.

The paid membership allows the user to make exciting videos and make an income out of it. It also provides the users with an adult toy store from which they can purchase anything they wish. The paid features further comprise messaging other users, checking out their profiles, having access to the webcam shows, and video chat with a user that is not quite an option in the free service.

The Fling.com website owns many search options; there is a primary search option that allows the user to use various filters such as country, choices of sexual preference, country choice, and gender. The users can also limit their search with respect to other members on the site who are currently online, verified accounts, and also include users who are presently video streaming.

There is also the availability of advanced search options, in case the above-mentioned options didn’t work. This advanced search option includes filters such as eye color, height, hair color, body type, race, and other specific profile fields. The search option is not over yet; the user can also look for other users by the sex they are interested in, such as threesome, BDSM, friends with benefits, etc. The text keywords can also be used in Fling.com websites to search for people or to get in touch with them. There is also the facility of a chatroom for the user. The feature on this website makes it easier for the user to find a fling within a limited time.

Fling.com Review

Available Security features On fling.com

The Fling.com website guarantees the safety and security of its users. Several Fling.com reviews are available that talk about the perfectly managed protective measures taken on this website. The website offers its users the clock contact team to address all their problems and issues. Norton software has confirmed all the services and the safety procedure on this website. The website ensures that all the personal details and every upload by the user is secure and not leaked to any other organization.

The feature Safe Mode is quite an aid to the users who want to get rid of inapt content on their feed. The users can also opt to report abuse if they experience any bad behavior or trouble during a conversation. The Fling.com website also assures the protection in payment procedure by using authorized organizations that the users can inquire whenever necessary.


User profiles are quite comprehensive and detailed. The flingers need to specify and mention certain essential personal information like their age, religion, height, income, and profession. There are text fields where the flingers can list down their sexual preferences and their expectations from other flingers. These fields can be as bold as possible because, conclusively, it is the main intention and motive behind using the Fling.com website. So it is advised to mention all their sexual interests and fantasies right from the start itself. Furthermore, just like the other dating websites, the Fling.com website supports the feature of adding photo albums and profile pictures to make a user profile even more attractive and catchy. Profile pictures and photos play a crucial role in attracting partners to have a great time flinging with each other.


The registration process on the Fling.com website is a fast and non-tedious one. The user must list six basic aspects: mentioning age, the gender they want to hook up with, location, sex, email address, and a password. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the email id and setting of the password, as more emphasis is on the validation step.

After successfully signing up, the user will receive a validation letter to confirm their registration. These specifications are enough for a user to become a member and access the feed on the Fling.com website. After inserting all the details, they can also prefer to upload any photos which they wish should be visible on their profile.

Fling.com Review

The gender ratio is also quite irregular on the Fling.com website, with the male count dominating females. One can also mention the sexual preferences that would help them to get a match faster. The gender ratio is also quite irregular, with the male count dominating that of the female.

The Fling.com website is meant to be an international dating site, but it still does not accommodate some specific countries’ users. If this problem arises with any of the users, then the user will be redirected directly to the page of webdate.com, which is another dating site from Global Personals Media.

The signup process in Fling.com is so easy, and it hardly requires 2 to 3 minutes. Also, there is no strict verification process required for accessing the website. The users just need to enter their personal details such as email address, gender, the preferred match gender, age, password, zip code, and the user is ready to go. The account verification is needed in Fling.com for which the website will send a link to the user’s given mail, and the user then needs to click on the link to finish the account verification process.

The username is useful for the Fling.com website rather than the first name. The profile information on the Fling.com website is very comprehensive. There are also various text files that the user can fill afterward according to their convenience. There are also text boxes available where the user can write about their sex life or with what they are comfortable such as regular weekend sex or one-time flings, and also which type of sex they prefer, such as threesomes, friends with benefits, or experimenting.

The textboxes allow the users to get detailed information about the user, such as what they are interested in and what they actually want. But there should be a premium membership to view other’s profiles. The site also encourages and promotes nudity until and unless the sexual organs don’t take up the picture’s central part. Also, the Fling.com website’s profile depicts a similar feature to that of the social media profile as the user can update the statuses in their profile. The profile information can also be switched later.

Feature of unmatching Option on Fling.com

There is no such unmatching feature available on the Fling.com website. One can always choose to stop having the conversation or the call with the other member by just deleting the member if. They can also report the member in the Report abuse section if they find the conversation inapplicable. They can search through their feed for a new interest and start a brand new chat with them.

The difference between entering as a guest and entering as a member on Fling.com

There is no prospect of logging into the website as a guest. Apart from this, there are two options to either login or signup. The user can log in to the website using the recorded email address and password or sign themself up by creating a profile with the required details like gender, location, zip code, sexual orientation, email id, and password. Once the users enter all these details and are a member of the Fling.com website, they can create a profile according to their preferences.

Fling.com Review


The Fling.com is easily accessible on any handset as the mobile website version. It works similar to the desktop version with the same efficiency. The user needs to follow the same login process or search for flings as they would on the desktop website. The mobile website is quite a user-friendly interface and thrives in making everything convenient and secure for the user accessing it.

When the users search for Fling.com on Play Store or App Store, there are a wide number of applications available with the same name, but the user should know that the Fling.com website does not have an application available for download on mobiles.

Options of App download on the Site

The Fling.com does not have an application that the users can download. The members or new users can always use the website on their mobiles.

Mobile version of the site

Yes, a mobile version of the site is available that the users can access by just searching for Fling.com on their browsers.

Availability of the app on the Google Play Store and App Store

There is no application available for the Fling.com website available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Application Convenience Fling.Com Gives To Users

There is no application, but the Fling.com website has a considerably user-friendly interface. The website is secure as well as convenient for all its users.


The Fling.com website provides both free services and fee-based services. And it is sort of important for getting a premium subscription because there are some basic things such as viewing other profiles, which is an important criterion to know other users, but it requires a subscription. Some of the free subscriptions include account registration, profile creation, image galleries, playing the “Who’s Cute” game, seeing who viewed their profile, and seeing who liked their profile. Some special features are available for free of cost, such as the “Who’s Cute” game.

Fling.com Review

There is single gold membership which is available for the user of the Fling.com website, which comes up with the duration of 1, 6, and 12 months where the cost for one month is 34.95 USD per month, the cost for six months is 1.94 USD per month, and the cost for 12 months is 0.56 USD per month. The additional services available for the users with gold subscriptions are viewing other member’s profiles, chatting with other members, participating in cam chats with live girls, purchasing items from the sex shop, and video chatting with other members.

The Fling.com website also provides a 2-day trial and a 7-day trial to the users who don’t want to have gold subscriptions. A 2-day trial cost is 0.95 USD, whereas the cost for a 7-day trial is 9.95 USD.

Not only this, but the Fling.com website also had one great value of a 3-month guarantee, which states that if the user doesn’t find a hookup within three months of their gold subscription, then the website will provide extra three months free. The options available for the users for payment are credit cards and PayPal. There are many features available for the people with gold membership, and one of the best among all is the sex shop where the Fling.com website had a partnership with various sex toy companies, and the user can shop from those shops.


  • Company: Global Personals Media
  • Address: 705 Washington Ave – Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • E-Mail: info@globalpersonalsmedia.com
  • Phone-Hotline: 305-998-7777


The Fling.com website is best suited for people looking for fulfilling their sexual desires and the ones who crave sex all day and all time. This is not the platform for serious relationships or to find the love of their life. The platform is best for exploring sexuality and having someone in the bed, which is as horny as they are craving for. The Fling.com website is also very confident with its features and functions and claims that the people will surely find their sexual partners, and if not, then the website provides free three months of membership to the user. The website has too many awesome Fling.com reviews and ratings, which makes it one of the best casual dating sites all over the globe. The website also consists of many real-life reviews.

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