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  • The registration process for the dating platform is quick and straightforward. It enables a lot of people to register and start looking for the match for hookups.
  • Oldest website with a huge user database of approx. 2.5 Million profiles to search for.
  • Video calling is one of the most unique and likable features, as suggested by Squirt Reviews.
  • Users often find the search filters very convenient while browsing the website, especially the different advanced search options.
  • The sleek, slender, and responsive website and mobile device design ensure easy browsing.
  • Highly skilled and co-operative support team which is prompt in responding to their users.


  • In case you are a person looking for forever relationships, Squirt Website is not for you. It is best for people looking for no-strings-attached, one-night stand hookups.
  • The majority of the unlimited features are for paid members, which they call Fan Club Membership.
  • As a free user, you will be intimidated by many advertisements, which break the flow, and the mood.
  • Though the number of fake profiles is small, Squirt Website also has counterfeit profiles, so do the diligence before getting into any hookups or dating.
  • If you wish to cancel your account at any point of time, this can’t be done online. You need to drop a note to the support center.

Which dating site is right for you?

Are you looking for an online dating platform for gays or any transsexual dating sites then Squirt is your answer. It is one of the oldest gay dating platforms founded in 1999 by Triangle Press. Platform was created as a place where men could date other men, look for casual sex or hookups, or be interested in cruising. The website has gained popularity over some time due to its massive user base, which improves your chances of matching like-minded people. Moreover, since the website focuses only on gays and bisexuals, ice-breaking conversations are not tricky. Users understand that their potential match is also looking for casual hookups and not the forever type of dating.

Squirt Reviews don’t shy away, mentioning that the website gives wings to your fetish of being gay and is entirely about gay sex. With a user-base of approx. 2.6 Million, 82% of them are hot male users; this website has its fan base, and on average, the men registering for Squirt Website are of the age between 22 years to 30 years, as this is the age group who wish to experiment with their sexual fantasies and sexual orientation.


Web Version and Mobile Application

Squirt.org is a user-friendly desktop website. The website is pretty responsive; that means device when you browse the website on any mobile device, it will give you a similar user-experience as that on the desktop without losing or compromising on any functionality. You can even create a small gadget for your mobile screen for quick access. The website has been designed to keep in mind the needs of non-tech-savvy people to visit the website repeatedly. You will not find the website cluttered at all. All the necessary items on the menu are well-placed and easily accessible within a click. Different Squirt reviews appreciate the color theme of Red and Black on the website. They find it addictive and attractive. Though you can upload nude pictures on the website, the home page never focuses on nudity. All the fonts used within the website are web-safe; this means they are readable on all browsers. Overall, it is an elite and neat website.

There are two user journeys within the website: Pre-login and post-login. During pre-login, you can simply register or sign-in to your existing account. Apart from that, you can also go through the FAQ section as well to understand the basic functioning of the website. Moreover, you can again go through the privacy policy before even signing up for the same. Post-login user journey is what excites most of the folks. As a signed-up user, you have access to all of the hotties’ profiles with whom you wish to hook up for one-night-stand. It opens for you like a Pandora box with a multitude of options to pick and choose and woo the hotties that match your interest or who are interested in hooking up for a casual night out with you. As you browse Squirt Website further, you can read the cocktales, go cruising, make a video call to the person you like, and ask them for a date, and all of this is a click away.

What is more, the website has a peculiar section, “New Guys.” When you click this tab, you are swamped by the latest hotties from the town. The GPS facility of the website lets you date with the men within your locality so that you can even indulge in casual sex with them.

A lot of Squirt like the advanced searching functionality, though it is only for paid users. They don’t shy away, acknowledging it as elegant yet straightforward transsexual dating site.


Quality of Profiles

With such a vast user database, as a user, the most important question that pops up before registering is if Squirt Website has legit profiles. The answer is yes, as most of the profiles are genuine because, during registration, you will receive an email confirmation that ensures the profiles on the platform are not bots.

Post-registration, you are asked to add sufficient information, which makes most of the profiles very detailed and informative enough. These detailed profiles actually help the users to find more about their prospective partners, even before meeting them. This necessary yet essential information like hobbies, gender, location, preferences helps as an ice-breaker during the first meeting.

Additionally, as the portal gives the freedom to add multiple pictures, you can actually get an idea if the person in the profile can match up to your sexual expectations.


Even if you are a novice and not so tech-savvy, it will take only 5-10 minutes to register yourself and sign-up for the website. Follow these few steps, and you are all good to browse the hotties of your dreams.

  • Type the home page Squirt.org, which will take you to a neat red and black website
  • You will find Sign Up written in big, bold letters in the middle of the homepage. Clicking on it will take you to a simple form.
  • This form has been kept very simple to ease the life of first-time users.
  • Only necessary information like username, password, e-mail is requested, and your acknowledgment of their privacy policy is required.
  • Clicking on submit will complete the registration.

However, in order to activate your account, please click on the email that you will receive confirming that you are not a bot. Please ensure that people below 18 years are not allowed to register due to explicit content.


Setting up a profile on Squirt is easy. Once you are logged in, you are requested to answer a few questions on your physical appearance, hobbies, and so on. It is advisable to be as open as possible while responding to these questions because they will be posted on your profiles and speak about you. Not only this, the Squirt algorithm uses this information to find the potential match. E.g., if you have added the correct location information, you will be shown profiles from the nearby region, thereby making your hookup game more straightforward. Not only this, it is one of the very few hookup platforms that lets you put multiple images and videos. However, please be informed, in case they are not your real videos, they will be removed from the platform.

So what are you waiting for? Set the profile up and get ready for some fun.

How Do I Logout?

How Do I Logout?

In order to log out from the website, just go to account settings, followed by clicking on the logout.

How Long to Activate the Account

Once you sign-up for the Squirt, you receive an email. Clicking on the email will promptly activate your account, and you are all set for finding your date for the night.

How to Delete the Account

If you are bored of using the website and looking for deleting your account, you can drop a note on dickhunter@squirt.org, which will altogether remove all your information from Squirt’s servers.

However, the platform also gives you the opportunity to deactivate your account temporarily; where-in your information stays intact, just that your profile remains hidden from the users. To enable this, you need to click on Settings followed by Account settings and finally click Deactivate my account.

How to Make Your Profile Top

The platform doesn’t have any mechanism to put any profile on the top.

Can Squirt Put Age Limits on Who Can See Your Profile

The minimum age to register to Squirt is 18. However, once you register as a free user, you can view any profile. However, you can’t browse through the profiles unless you are logged into the website.

How Can I Change My Name On Squirt?

Alright!! Didn’t like your username on the website? No worries, if you are a fan club paid member, you can drop a note to dickhunter@squirt.org with the necessary details like your current username, password, and membership package. Also, the support team requests you for optional usernames as well, in case the usernames shared by you are already in use.

Once these changes are done from the backend, you will receive a confirmation email from the team. Make sure you have whitelisted their email ID.

How Can I hide my Profile On Squirt?

How Can I hide my Profile On Squirt?

Are you temporarily bored of browsing on Squirt? If yes, then the good news is, it does provide its users the option to hide their profile. To avail of this, all you need is to click on deactivate the profile. After asking a few questions like why you wish to deactivate as a user, you can click yes. This will hide your profile from the other users. When you feel like joining it again, you can log in with the same credentials and reactivate your account. Most importantly, you have the flexibility of unsubscribing from their email listing.

How Do I Change My Profile Picture on Squirt?

Do you feel that your current profile picture on Squirt Website is not giving you many views? In that case, you can simply update your profile pictures by clicking on settings followed by My Profile and Edit. The process is intuitive. However, before uploading the photo, make sure it is of either jpeg or png format; otherwise, the system will not let you submit it.


The website claims to have plenty of features that make the website unique compared to the other similar gay dating sites. Many people mention these unique features as one of the reasons to join the platform in the Squirt Reviews. Here are some of the website’s most exceptional features that attract people to create an account on the site and it makes it one of the popular hookup platform for gays.

  • As a paid user, you have the ability to share and read the other users’ stories in the form of cocktales. These stories sometimes inspire you to relieve your dreams or rekindle your love while going through some of the erotic content. Few users simply browse through these stories to get over their loneliness.
  • It is one of the very few dating platforms that allows video calling. When you are into casual sex, the experience would be incomplete if you are not able to see the person with whom you intend to spend the night. Squirt users can leverage this feature before deciding to move further into the relationship.
  • As a paid user, you can even pre-configure your searches and make them click away. Many users create quick filters like trending videos, latest hotties, etc., to make the search quick and straightforward.
  • Other users on the platform can share their comments on your profile, which is a kind of scorecard which remaining users can see. It is similar to testimonials and citations. You can edit your scorecard which remaining users can see. It is similar to testimonials and citations. You can edit your scorecards and even remove any of the comments too. However, they are available only for premium users.
  • As a premium user, you can personalize your profile with Sexicons, some kinky gifs.
  • GPS feature lets you find the person for a quick hookup within your location to make it easy for you.
  • Last but not least, you can even indulge yourself in group chats and discuss anything under the sun. These community alias group chats are popular amongst users.
  • Squirt Website also provides the ability to create multiple sub-profiles within an existing profile. All you need to do is go to settings and click Add a profile.


Costs and Prices

Like any other dating or hookup platform, Squirt users can start with free registration and enjoy limited features like browsing profiles, making one video call for free, or watching only one video per day. However, for unlimited access to features, they need to take Fan Club Membership. For the ease of users and encouraging them to join the platform, there are several packages. Users can pay 6.95 USD for seven days or 12.95 USD for a 30-day uninterrupted experience. If you like browsing and it gets addicted, Squirt provides you with plans for 90 days (29.95 USD) and one year (89.95 USD) that are more beneficial. These payments can be made via sending receipt offline or via credit cards. This membership is auto-renewed. However, one of the flip sides here is no online cancellation is available, and you need to drop a note to the support center to make it happen.

As a premium member, you tend to enjoy a plethora of features like cam chats, unlimited access to video calling, cruising, participating in the community chats, unlimited access to mails, and much more. Most importantly, you get rid of advertisements that keep popping and blocking your mood. The list doesn’t end here; as a paid user, you have the flexibility to check who have viewed your profiles, plus you will get preferential treatment with the support center.


The platform is safe to use, given the majority of the profiles are genuine, and moderators have strict guidelines. It also empowers you as a user to report any profile or content as abuse, which moderators review from the backend and take necessary actions. Report icon is present across all modules, and the best part is that reporting abuse is kept anonymous. Even as a paid user, you can limit your pictures’ access to the users you approve of.

Are Squirt Chats Encrypted

Chats in Squirt.org are sent via SSL. Hence all the communication is encrypted, thereby making it a safe dating platform.

Can Squirt Track You Down

Yes, the algorithm of the website is such that it tracks its users’ actions. Organization reasons this out to maintain the sanctity of the platform. Moderators are very strict when it comes to content guidelines. Whenever they notice any violation, the content is removed or edited, and the user is immediately given a warning. In case the user continues with the same mistake, his membership is suspended for a while.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in Squirt?

It is advisable to read through the privacy document mentioned on the website homepage. However, if you still have further questions, feel free to contact the support center, which is responsive and helpful. You can either drop a note with all the details like problem statement, username, the premium package you have taken on dickhunter@squirt.org. Alternatively, the call centers are opened from 8 AM to 2 PM EST round the year except for Christmas. For different countries, there are other numbers. If you are from the US/Canada, you may dial 1-877-587-8649, where-as users from the UK can speak on 0-800-032-3665. Most of the Squirt Reviews have been optimistic about the turnaround time of the support people, which is within 8 hours.

Can I delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted to Squirt?

Can I delete The Information That I've Already Submitted to Squirt?

If you have posted something and feel it as inappropriate after a while, you can simply delete the content. In case you face any challenge or tech glitch, don’t shy away from dropping a note at dickhunter@squirt.org. Moderators from the backend can quickly do the needful for you. However, please be informed that moderators are more responsive to the paid members.


If you browse through the multiple Squirt Reviews, you will realize that gays and bisexuals simply adore this online platform for its user-base and simple website. Many users are on the forum for more than 3-4 years and have found several dates for their one-night-stands with no strings attached. At the same time, many enjoy chatting with people of common interest. There are few who feel that with plenty of unique features, that the site has in store to offer like video calling, discussing in the community on any random topic, reading the cocktales(the small stories of other users), creating an account free of cost – is not a bad option. The easiness of registering process lures you into making an account on the site, which further requires you to fill in minimal information. Upgrading to premium membership is a free choice though there are some additional perks you get to enjoy.

Overall, the users’ sentiments remain positive as it can give them what they have yearned for a long time, i.e., living up to their sexual fantasies without being judged.



It is undoubtedly one of the best online dating platforms for bisexuals and gays who are in the mood to explore casual relationships. Squirt reviews don’t shy away, mentioning it as one of the ideal websites for gays. Love has no boundaries, and this platform strictly hits the nail as the first in the industry. It offers a safe and compassionate platform where people with similar sexual orientation can rekindle and live their sexual fantasies and get over loneliness. The simple, linear user interface further enhances the user experience. Take the plunge and sign up for free for a better tomorrow, even if you are looking for gay dating sites. Indeed, Squirt Website is a trendy website both on desktop and on mobile.

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