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Aktives Publikum90%
Populäres Zeitalter20-35
Profiles2 000 000
BetrugSehr selten



  • A significant user database
  • The search and matching system is perfect
  • Excellent technical support
  • You can chat via video
  • Group chats available for users
  • Users can also enjoy the mobile version
  • You can enjoy virtual sex
  • Users are protected from scam
  • Has users across the globe
  • Several connections and interaction features
  • It has an established reputation.
  • Members can access AdultFriendFinder’s blog section
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Excellent privacy policy


  • Registration is not straightforward- there is no verification process
  • Several fake accounts and scams
  • You can’t access anything on the free version
  • Monthly subscriptions are quite expensiveм
  • Some users have concerns about the effectiveness of the refund policy
  • To watch model videos, you have to incur additional expenses.
  • There is no compatibility match option generated by the system.
  • Some features are quite time-consuming
  • Frequent pop-up ads- might be annoying for some users
  • The design’s interface is dated
  • Female subscribers outnumber their male counterparts significantly

AdultFriendFinder has proven to be one of the most trusted dating platforms. Since its launch, it has attracted over 75 million users globally. The site is meant to provide a platform where users can explore their fetish desires, find casual hookups, or find long-term relationships. This platform is more of a sexual hookup as you can find several ways to spice up your sexual life from other users. The site does not limit prospective users to a particular type of relationship – you can find straight, gay, and lesbian relationships. What does AdultFriendFinder offer to its users? If you are contemplating joining this dating platform, what should you know? Read the comprehensive review.


Both AdultFriendFinder’s website and mobile application have a seamless interface. However, with the app, you get a unique experience, especially when accessing the special features. Navigating the interface is straightforward for all users, regardless of your experience on the AdultFriendFinder website.

AdultFriendFinder review on 2020


Most user profiles on AdultFriendFinder have comprehensive details. Though you can find several user-profiles, chances are most of them are fake profiles. Nonetheless, most members are from the United States and Britain, with a majority being men. Most users are aged between 23- 35 years. The youngest you can find is an 18-year-old, and you can users older than 55. Only members with a subscription plan can view profiles and contact other members.

One feature that users love about the AdultFriendFinder website is that you can interact with others through many features, including group chats, private chat rooms, live streams, messaging, classic emailing, and magazines. Users have the freedom to keep a record of sexual escapades and upload them to the Vlog section. Users can also participate and contribute to the ‘Sex Stories’ page and share their real-life sexual experiences. While accessing the Sex Stories section and Vlog page is free, you must upgrade your membership account to connect with another member. This way, you can access premium chat features.

When you join the AdultFriendFinder website, be sure that you will have to deal with many risks, especially interacting with people globally and from different races. Though there is a privacy policy and moderators do their best to enhance safety, you are likely to face aggression, scammers, and people who can take advantage of you. From AdultFriendFinder reviews, you can tell that there is a higher chance of encountering prostitutes and gold diggers on the website. Nonetheless, this is a site that does what exactly it has to – a platform for sexual hookups.


For you to enjoy using a dating platform, you must sign up. For some sites, it might be complicated, and you might give up on registering. Fortunately, the AdultFriendFinder review will help you understand how you can register on the site. The process is seamless, straightforward, and will take some time since users need to have an extensive profile.

On the homepage, you must provide a valid email address for verification. You will also fill other basic information, including your password, username, gender, and birth year. When you click on the verification link, the site detects your location, and you can start using the site. The only downside about registration is that it will take a while before you can set up your account – the verification process can put you off. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt trying out.

Making the most out of this platform would help if you added a little more information about yourself. However, users can still access and use this website with little or no information at all. You can take part in the live pleasantries and join group chats.

To search for members, you can use the advanced search tool, which filters results as per your criteria. You can wink, send like, or send a message to interact with another member, but it is for paid subscriptions.



You must be lucky if your request to join gets approved. Setting up your profile can be easy as you only have to submit details that can attract other users to access your profile. There is little that you can do on this platform if you do not upgrade. User-profiles are categorized into three; the standard plan, gold, and VIP access.

Your profile has a lot of features that distinguish one user from the rest. You can view photos, see gender preferences, character, interests, personalities, hobbies, and other features. An excellent profile should be comprehensive and include your photos. Ensure that you have a catchy, descriptive profile. Also, when interacting with other members, be personalized and reach out the way you would want another member to reach you.

A user with a standard profile can only access and contribute to blogs, group chats, upload videos, and watch limited videos from other users. Gold subscribers can chat with other members, browse and view other profiles details, and engage with anyone without limitations. On the other hand, VIP members have the multiple benefits; get a badge (highlights your profile), regular updates about any interaction on your profile, receive suggestions of compatible matches, and get updates about events.

How to Delete Account?

To log out, go to the homepage. Select log out. The next time you want to access the AdultFriendFinder website, you will have to submit your password and username.

Is It Easy to Activate Your Account?

As stated earlier, the only complicated issue about activating your account on AdultFriendFinder is in getting your account approved. This can probably be explained by the fact that there are many users on the site. While the registration can take at least five minutes or several trials, you can start using your account after registration and confirming through the verification sent to your email.

How to Delete Account

Where do you start? AdultFriendFinder review has a straightforward procedure that users can follow and delete their accounts on the site. Always ensure that you have unsubscribed from any auto-renewal plans. You can contact the technical team to help you delete your account. You can also do that by selecting the settings and click sign out.

How Can You Get a Badge on Your Profile

You can agree that a profile with a badge increases the chances of interacting with other users and finding a possible match. Fortunately, AdultFriendFinder has this provision. However, only VIP members can have their profiles highlighted and feature in the top search results of other members. It implies that any user who wants to have a badge must purchase a VIP plan.

Can AdultFriendFinder Put Age Limits on Who Can See Your Profile

If you want to limit some users from accessing your profile, there is no clear function that will allow you to limit user-accessibility. However, you can use the block feature as it limits anyone from accessing your profile. You should know that every member on the AdultFriendFinder website is an adult (above 18 years). Minors are highly prohibited from signing up.

How Can Change Name on AdultFriendFinder

For many reasons, you might change your username. To change your username on AdultFriendFinder, go to the homepage and select settings. Select personal information and edit or change your information, including your name, without restrictions.

How Can Hide Profile on AdultFriendFinder

Hiding your profile might be complicated, especially when you are a standard subscriber. Everyone can access your profile unless you are on a VIP plan. If you no longer want everyone to access your profile, purchase a premium plan – this seems to be the most viable solution to hiding your profile, unless you opt to block particular users.

How Do Change Profile Picture on AdultFriendFinder

Like editing and changing your details, go to AdultFriendFinder’s homepage. Click the settings icon, click on your profile picture, and select change. You can select from the photos that feature in your user-profile or upload it from your phone or PC.

How do change profile picture on AdultFriendFinder


A dating site’s chances of attracting a significant following are subject to the provision of special features. Besides, special features differentiate a site from the other one.

On AdultFriendFinder, users can enjoy the following features:

  • Live chat cam: it is one of the fascinating features on the website. Users are not limited to interacting via messaging only. If you want to explore sexual whims, this is the feature you should access. The feature has live models who get display an all sex show. It’s more of a group and a live session that you can join. Unfortunately, standard users cannot enjoy a live show or live streaming but can watch a model’s broadcast. VIP members can stream live and enjoy a live chat cam group show.
  • Chat rooms: there are several kink groups an AdultFriendFinder member can join. When you join a chat room, you get to participate and contribute to topics that interest you.
  • Kink search: if you champion for BSDM, you might love this feature. It allows you to access the profiles of users who love fetish experiences. It is more impressive than the matching system. You get a variety of models to bond with. And you can share or practice sex games with users who have similar interests.
  • Contest: AdultFriendFinder’s subscribers participate in a contest where they choose a member with the best intimate photo (should be original). Mainly, the contest serves as a good mood enhancer and encourages other users to explore the site. So what if you win the contest? A winner gets an award that guarantees him or her a premium subscription that will last for one year. This advantage should excite you if you intend to spend more time on the website.
  • Stories: this section provides a platform for sharing intimate and romantic stories. If you love fascinating and thrilling intimate stories, this section is a must-check.
  • Blog section: here, you can get tips and information about different topics.
  • Video collections: when you are stuck or need clarity about some things, you can go to the video section. You will find here a lot of informative videos on wide topics, but mainly relationship-based. You can also share your videos, provided they are educative.
  • The search function: it is common for dating sites to have advanced search mechanism features. This way, you can tailor your search to filter particular individuals.
  • Reverse search function: it allows users to find your profile even when you are not looking for them.
  • Smart search system: it allows you to search for users based on a particular criterion, such as a username.
  • Groups and communities: this is more of a social network section. You can create groups or join communities and socialize with other members. In a way, you meet and interact with users of similar interests, such as bisexual.
  • The mobile application: at times, the website version might inconvenience you from having seamless networking. You can download AdultFriendFinder’s app from the App Store. You will enjoy a user-friendly interface.
Special features


Before joining AdultFriendFinder, you would want to know how much it costs to access most of the features. Besides, almost every function on the website is subscription-based. You can choose from two subscription plans; premium and VIP plans. The lengthier the duration for subscription, the less costly AdultFriendFinder is. Users should know that the subscription can be renewed automatically. You can pay through:

  • Credit card
  • Mobile services
  • Direct debit
  • Bank transfer

AdultFriendFinder is quietly costly compared to other dating sites. Either way, you can access a few functions when on a free plan. It is a good idea for you to upgrade your account. Here are the costs:

  • One month at 39.99 USD
  • Three months at 80.85 USD
  • 12 months at 239.40 USD

Standard subscribers (free access) can:

  • Create a user account
  • Create a hotlist
  • Contribute to blogs and join group chats
  • Like videos and photos
  • Use search functions
  • Watch model videos

Gold subscribers can:

  • Browse and view a user’s entire profiles
  • Send and receive gifts
  • Send and reply messages
  • Nachrichten lesen
  • Use chat features and participate in conversations
  • Live stream and watch members on live cam

There are other ways you can earn a month gold membership. The process of earning it is quite tedious and might take most of your time. However, you must do the following (each action has reward points that, when accumulated, can earn a gold package) without excluding either.

  • Upload five explicit photos
  • Upload more than five (not more than ten) videos
  • Answer additional questions
  • Contribute to ten blog posts
  • Create ten blog posts
  • Create ten group posts
  • Contribute to not less than ten group posts
  • Reply and vote on the magazine questions
  • Reply on the magazine’s articles
  • Comment on more than 150 videos or photos
Costs and Prices


Security is one of the most significant concerns about digital dating platforms. The question you might be asking is, how safe is AdultFriendFinder? Can you find scams? How about your security when interacting with other members?

The first place any prospective subscribers should go through is the privacy section. Here you can find all the details about what is expected of you and how to conduct yourself when using it. Impressively, AdultFriendFinder’s technical team tries to moderate interactions among members. This way, you can be sure that your security when using AdultFriendFinder is a priority.

When you face safety threats, it would be best to contact the technical team. An aggressive user may be blocked from accessing the website. Subscribers are always advised to be on the lookout for any security concerns. Trust your instincts and avoid sharing any sensitive information, as some people can use it against you. Unfortunately, there are high chances of finding fake profiles and scams, common on dating platforms. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that complicate the registration process.

When it comes to the safety of your payment details and transactions, you can be sure that your information is safe and cannot be used for malice intent. That said, you can enjoy the website’s services as it strictly ensures that all its users can browse safely.

Are AdultFriendFinder Chats Encrypted

If your chats are encrypted, it means that no other users can access them except for the intended person or group. However, when you join a group chat, your chats can be accessed by anyone interacting with various people. It is also an open forum, and everyone can share their sentiments. Nonetheless, private chats cannot be accessed by other users. Noteworthy, AdultFriendFinder’s technical team keeps moderating the chats and interactions as a measure to enhance users’ safety on the site.

Can AdultFriendFinder Track You Down

Most dating sites have moderators to track down their user’s social behavior. This strategy is a safety measure to ensure that everyone interacts safely. AdultFriendFinder can track your social behavior. If your conduct is a safety threat, you will lose your profile membership as it will be banned.

Who Should Contact If Have Concerns About Privacy in AdultFriendFinder

As stated previously, you can contact the AdultFriendFinder technical team. You can do this through several options; via email ( via fax – +1 650 324 9379, call +1 408 702 1040 or visit the support team Various Inc Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, Sixth floor, CA 95008, USA.

Can Delete the Information Have Already Submitted on AdultFriendFinder?

If you mistakenly add irrelevant information on the AdultFriendFinder website, you can delete it. This action can be done by editing the information. If you have concerns, it could be of help to go through the privacy policy. Anything can be changed on the site.

Can AdultFriendFinder track you down


AdultFriendFinder is a leading platform for sexual interactions and matching people. It also has educative resources; any user can learn, share, and ask questions about certain topics. Most users have made the best out of this site and even found fulfillment from AdultFriendFinder’s resources. Some have found sexual commitments and made friends from this platform.

On the downside, some users have complained of being blocked from accessing the website without valid reasons. There have also been complaints against breaching user’s autonomy. Plus, the subscription packages are quite costly compared to other brands. Either way, AdultFriendFinder is an excellent site to find a partner. You can try out your luck.


Finding love does not have to be complicated with the presence of dating site trends. If you are looking for a site to explore sexual fantasies, you would love using this site. The site has a significant membership database, and members can connect with others most conveniently. Anyone looking to find a sexual hookup and enjoy erotic performances can sign up on the AdultFriendFinder website.

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